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Police are investigating a shooting incident that took place at the Bridgewater Walmart in Hamilton, OH. Since the incident took place, there is an atmosphere of fear among the visitors. Let us tell you that if you are also a resident of Cincinnati local, so, Please STAY HOME. When the authorities got to know about the news of this incident, they rushed to the spot to handle the situation. Police responded to a call about the shooting at a Walmart in Bridgewater Falls on Thursday. Keep reading to know more about the details.

Bridgewater Walmart Shooting Today  1 Dead, Three Injured in Shooting at Walmart in Fairfield Township « CmaTrends Bridgewater Walmart Shooting Today

When the authorities responded to the call of an active shooter complaint at the Walmart Supercentre in Bridgewater Falls, Ohio. After authorities got the news about the shooting, they deployed many officers to the mall and ordered them to lodge an immediate lockdown of all areas following the reports of multiple shots fired. According to the sources, the investigation analyzed that a shoplifter fired several rounds striking a shop attendant to the head. When the officer rushed to the spot, they found three victims with gunshot wounds to their bodies. After this, they were rushed to the hospital where their condition remains unknown. Our sources are trying to collect more details about this incident.

Bridgewater Walmart Shooting Today

As per the reports, the first victim who was found with multiple gunshot wounds was found dead on the scene. Along with this, the shop was placed on lockdown as officials respond to the incident. It was also reported that the suspect fled the scene into the City of Hamilton. Now, multiple police officers have been deployed at the scene and everyone was being investigated at this time. With this, the vehicle of the suspect was located at a residence in the Hamilton area.

A Twitter user tweeted,” Shooting in Fairfield, Ohio at the Bridgewater Falls Walmart. A greeter was confirmed dead and one victim in unknown condition at the hospital. Reports of a suspect being dead are coming in at this time but have not been confirmed”. While, another Twitter user wrote,” There was a shooting at the Bridgewater Walmart… like I’m literally afraid to even go grocery shopping anymore”.

Bridgewater Walmart Shooting Video Updates

Police are now analyzing the CCTV footage of the mall to identify the suspect and locate his location to arrest him. Well, there is no clarification that how many people were involved in this crime but the investigation is currently underway. Keep in touch with us to know more details here.

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