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10 Annoying Characters Many Young Ladies Exhibit In NO X Relationships



Premarital sex is not in any way a good thing and there’s no reasonable point to justify why one should indulge in the act. I’m not dropping this to encourage people to indulge in such act before some people will start talking about maturity or quoting Bible verses. Let’s forget about maturity here and face reality.

Sex is not the yardstick for true love, AGREED !!! But our most of ladies seem to misbehave when you haven’t gotten under their skirts in relationships. To some ladies, you are not different from every other guy stalking her in as much as you haven’t gotten under their skirts.

Apart from premarital sex being a violation of religious law, I sometimes don’t blame guys who will never want to be in NO SEX relationships because of what they face and how they are being fooled, deceived and later dumped. I have been in quite a few number of NO sex relationships and below and the annoying characters many of them exhibit.

Note: This write-up might actually be coming from a personal point of view and I think my fellow dudes must have at one point in time experienced such as well. This write-up is open to criticism and condemnation cool

Without much ado, lemme stop keeping you in suspense and keep the ball rolling

Annoying Characters Young Ladies Exhibit In NO SEX Relationships

1. She Lies About Being A Virgin
Since the best way to ascertain a virgin is penetration. She claims she is a virgin due to the fact that you haven’t done the needful

2. She Forces You To Make Promises
Even if at all she wants to open her legs for you, she will make it be as hard as Harvard University exam. She gives silly excuses to see how much you really love her without sex or she might even tell you to promise her marriage. *smh*

3. She Doesn’t Totally Submit
She loves, respect and cherish you but in as much as much as you haven’t done the deed, you might just be treated like every other dude stalking her who have long been deprived of the kitty cat

4. I Have Nothing To Lose If The Relationship Ends Attitude
What most ladies tend to regret after breakup is that fact that you have also marked register. However, when she looks back and realizes you haven’t had sex with her, she will heal in no time, therefore she sometimes exhibit ” I have nothing to lose attitude”

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5. She Dumps You Before Rolling Those Dice
Sex does not actually make a lady stay glued but in a sort, it makes an average responsible lady emotionally tied down especially if you are serious about her cos she knows the consequences of giving her body to various male species. However, since sex is absent in the relationship, she might just wake up on a morning and decide to dump your ass without even regretting it mainly because there’s no sexual attachment

6. She Demands So Much Respect
She might even flirt and expect you to keep shut and overlook it maybe because you know she still has her virginity. However, she might even have too many suitors and give excuses that she was not got laid

7. Lack of Trust
Your girlfriend promises to come spend the night with you and will have to beg her with heaven and earth and make promises not to try anything silly. Just image your so called girl friend coming to spend the night with you but on a condition that she will sleep on the bed, and you will sleep on the floor. I mean whatdafuck is that ?

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8. She Avoids Romance/Smooching
She doesn’t allow you enjoy the moment whenever you are both going down into a “deep” kiss but gets jealous whenever she realizes you are having another affair… wink Why not stay single if you know you will allow smooching and romance and will eventually deprive him of kitty cat ?

9. She Is Overly Proud
Only sex can fledge the wings of some ladies and in as much as you haven’t done the deed, they are most likely to be proud. I’m actually not trying to say that sex will totally eradicate their pride but more often than not, sex reduces the pride

10. She Doesn’t Totally Open Up
Guys if you are very very observant, you will notice that when you haven’t gotten under the skirt of a lady, she hides so many things from you and start to open up when you have done the deed