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10 Important Safety Precautions You Need To Know When Operating A Voltage Stabilizer



Voltage stabilizers/automatic voltage regulators are part of our lives. if you are in one of the developing countries where power is unable, you will surely need one of these. Although many people are using voltage stabilizers, there are still many people who do not know it well. The topic of discussion today is to explain the 10 safety precautions when using voltage stabilizers. Your knowledge of these safety measures can save you from potential hazards while using your automatic voltage regulators.

Brief Description of A Voltage Stabilizer

The voltage stabilizer is mainly composed of a voltage regulating circuit, a control circuit, and a servomotor. When the input voltage or load changes, the circuit can be controlled to sample and amplify, and then drive the servo motor to rotate. This process changes the position of the carbon brush of the voltage regulator and changes the winding ratio.

It can also automatically adjust the coil and turns ratio to maintain a relatively stable output voltage.

10 Safety Precautions When Using Voltage Stabilizers/Regulators

In this section, you will be presented with some tips that would help you stay safe while operating using a voltage stabilizer.

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1. Don’t Ever Disassemble A Working Voltage Stabilizer

After turning on the stabilized power supply, please do not disassemble the stabilized power supply or pull the input and output connections. You need to do this if you wish to prevent electric shock or other electrical accidents.

2. Arrange and Secure your Cables Properly

The input and output wiring of the stabilizer power supply must be arranged reasonably to prevent stepping on naked wires and wear. Electric leakage can be fatal.

3. The stable power supply must be reliably grounded.

4. Make sure The Ground Wire Power Supply is Far Away from Liquid or Heat

Do not connect the ground wire of the stabilizer power supply to heating pipes, water supply pipes, gas pipes, and other public welfare facilities, so as not to infringe the rights of third parties or cause harm.

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5. Check for Loose Connection Regularly

The input and output connections of the regulated power supply should be checked regularly to avoid loosening or falling off, thereby affecting the normal use and safety of the regulated power supply.

6. Handle The Stabilizer With Care

The selection of the voltage stabilizer connection line must comply with the specified connection line, and the connection line should have sufficient current capacity.

The voltage stabilizer should be handled with care to avoid severe vibration during work.

7. Avoid Overloading The Voltage Stabilizer

To ensure that the total power of the appliances connected to your stabilizer is within the operating power range, you need to calculate the individual watts of your devices and make sure the summation is below or lesser than the rated wattage of the stabilizer. The picture below shows a stabilizer with 5000 watts. When connecting your electrical appliances to this stabilizer, ensure that you stop at around 4500watt. Don’t exhaust the capacity or exceed it. if you do, you are risking damage to your stabilizer or your devices.

8. Adequately Pressurize the Carbon Brush Spring

Make sure that the carbon brush spring of the regulator has sufficient pressure to avoid flashover on the contact surface of the carbon brush and the coil.

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9. Repair Job Should Be Done only By Professionals

Non-professionals, please do not disassemble or repair the stabilized power supply.

10. Avoid Average Voltage Stabilizers Without AVR

In other to prevent overvoltage that is capable of damaging your electrical appliances, make sure you using only a stabilizer that has an inbuilt “Automatic voltage regulator(AVR)

11. Buy From a Company With Pedigree for Quality Production and After Sales Service

At the same time, choose a company that provides high-quality after-sales service and is equipped with a full-time commentator to purchase, so as to better protect the rights and interests of consumers. Even if there is a problem after purchasing the product, you can find the company for after-sales feedback and solve the problem in time.