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10 Most Dangerous Places No Modern Man On Earth Is Allowed To Visit


10 Most Hazardous Sites No modern human being on earth is permitted to visit alerts news

Despite better transport, globalization, and advanced technology, places around the world are totally forbidden or out of boundaries. These places are still quite unknown or have long been forgotten by people. Some of these sites have military bases or spying secrets, whereas some have not been explored for a long time.

1.Snake Island or the Brazilian snake island of Queimada Grande

This place is approximately 100km away from the coast of Sao Paulo. The place is one of the most dangerous places to imagine. The Snake Island has long since been uninhabited because of the death of snakes. You will probably find between one and five snakes in the island per square meter. It is true that the snakes living here are one of the world’s most venomous.

2.North Sentinel Islands, Andaman Islands, and Nicobar North Sentinel Island Indias Islands

This place belongs to the Andaman Islands archipelago in the Indian Ocean, which remained untouched by the world outside. North Sentinel is one of Eath’s most isolated sites and is populated by unspoiled tribes that make it dangerous. Visitors are not allowed to enter and, according to The Guardian, there appears to be a three-mile restriction zone crossing the island.

3.Desert of Namibia

In Namibia, this is one of the driest places in the world. According to scientists, the place is too dry for people to survive. Since nobody in that place can survive, nobody can dare visit it. The place has very little precipitation (about 2 millimeters of water in a year).

The top three are too dangerous for human beginnings and therefore they are not allowed to be visited by any modern person. The other places where people are not allowed to visit are:

4. Jiangsu Education National Security Museum, China

5. Iceland, Surtsey Island

6. The Club of White, UK

7. Diego García, U.K. Territories.

8. North Brother Island, U.S.

9. Fort Bhangarh, India

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10.Coca-Cola vault in Atlanta, United States Sponsored Links 10.