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10 executive vice president and chief content officer Beverley McGarvey said the network hasn’t given up on the possibility Neighbours might make a comeback, in some form, down the track….

The Herald Sun suggests that could mean one-off episodes focused on specific characters, or reunion specials.

“I also wouldn’t rule out that some day Fremantle will be able to create an environment where they can bring it back in some way. It’s happened to shows before,” she said.

“I still cling to the slim, optimistic hope that would be possible because there’s great appetite for content everywhere.”

Jason Herbison recently told TV Tonight: “Neighbours remains a beloved brand and the response from the viewers has only affirmed that. We’re open to all possibilities for the future, which is why we are considering the show rested. But for the immediate future … the cast will be free to move on to other projects.”

Last night the show bowed out at #1 at 873,000 metro viewers.

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