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10 Self-Defense Gadgets You Must Have!



In a world where anything can happen anytime, you always have to be cautious every time in terms of your own personal security. Not everyone has the ability or the time to learn karate or kungfu for defense, but there are defense gadgets like the following;

1.) Salt pepper spray gun. This device combines the accuracy of a gun with the power of pepper spray. Allows you to have your own pepper spray gun which can be able to spray up to 150 feet and creates a 5 foot cloud of pepper spray. It prevents the attacker from getting any closer.

2.) Ideal conceal. It is the perfect concealed carry gun that is very small the size of a wallet. It acts like a cellphone pistol with a lot of automated features which makes it more reliable and efficient.

3.) Bolawrap. This is a handheld remote restraint devices that fires a 8 foot long tether rope that ties up a stranger in three rounds. The rope travels at 513 feet per second. You can stop the attacker or stranger 10-25 yards from you by tying him up.

4.) Nimb. This is a stylish ring that acts as a panic button that instantly sends alerts whenever you feel that you are in danger. To activate it you simply press the panic button on it and it will send an alarm. It can also send the alarm to emergency response team and the 911. It also has a GPS tracker installed in it.

5.) ZAP. These are knuckles 5 inch long that you wear on your hands. You use it to pump a target with a 950,000 volts of electricity charge. It safely incapacitates the attacker without injuring them that much.

6.) Tigre Lady. These are self defense claws. They are made of high impact plastic that are shock absorbent and durable protecting you from hurting yourself and also providing maximum impact. They also have channels built into the claws that you can use to scratch the attacker collecting their DNA for easy analysis later on.

7.) Taser Pulse Plus. It is a powerful taser and works like Bolawrap. It has a targeting laser that enables you to hit the opponent without missing. It fires tasers that tie up an opponent keeping them away from reaching to you.

8.) Yellow Jacket. This doubles up as a phone case. This case is made up hard durable plastic to protect your phone. It also has a rechargeable battery embedded in the case which also helps to charge your phone. It is waterproof and shockproof. It has a stungun that is more powerful and it is used to ward opponents away.

9.) Instafire. It has embedded pepper spray canister in a glove. It is also flexibly designed to fit into your hands and comfortable which makes it not to be knocked off your hands.

10.) Fast Strike. This device let’s you easily and quickly strike back against the attacker. It is a smooth thick medium length flexible cane which you can use to beat up the attacker. It also has a window breaking tool in its handle. Its flexibility also enables it to conceal under clothing and you can also wear it as a belt.

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