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10 Things About Your Appearance That Can Make You Unattractive


Despite the fact that the majority of us often put in much effort in order to look fashionable or attractive, there are things that we sometimes do either deliberately or ignorantly that make us look unattractive.

Check out some of those things below:

1. Faded clothes

Although wearing a black dress can make you look gorgeous, however, if the fabric looks as though it has been washed dozens of times by appearing faded, it will definitely make you look unkempt.

2. Not perfectly white clothes

Just like the black dress, your white dress will certainly give you a positive effect on your appearance if it’s perfect but once your white dress makes a shade of either grey or yellow you are definitely going to look messy as well.

3. Negligently rolled up sleeves

Even though well-rolled sleeves will make you look youthful and dynamic, if the sleeves are pushed up like an accordion, it will make you look like one who has never worn a button-down shirt.

4. Harem pants

5. Dandruff on clothes

When people see traces of dandruff on their clothes, the only thing they’ll want to do is to step back.

6. Too many accessories

People are likely to have different impressions of you if you wear too many accessories.

7. Unkept beards

As a man who is keeping beads, it is important for you to know that if you always keep it neat and well-groomed you’ll definitely look smart.

8. Saggy pants