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10 Ways To Keep Your Teeth Healthy Always



Being healthy is more than just feeling okay or being without any visible symptoms. Being healthy is a complete state of well-being. This topic sounds like a discussion for kids but it will amaze you that you have been ignorant of some of the tips that would be shared here or you have not been following some of them. You might want to neglect this but if you want to enjoy your “teeth health” even as an adult, I would advise you to continue to read.

11 Ways to Keep Your Teeth Healthy | Dr. Sudhakar Mishra | Paras HMRI  Hospital Patna

10 ways to keep your teeth healthy always.

1. Drink enough water

You might be wondering why this is here but drinking enough water has been proven to help get rid of wastes from the body system. In the same way, water especially when used to rinse the water after eating helps to flush down hidden food particles around the teeth and in other parts of the mouth.

2. Reduce intake of sugar and acidic foods

The acidic content in the mouth can wash away the tooth enamel. Sugar converts in the mouth to acids which can then lead to cavities. Starchy foods like bread, chips, crackers have also been found to be a cause of tooth decay. You may not need to stop eating these totally but reducing the intake can be of benefit to you.

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3. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables

Avoid taking too many processed kinds of stuff. Instead, go for fresh crunchy fruits which not only provide fiber but are also good for the teeth. Eat enough vegetables too.

4. Floss once a day

What is flossing? Flossing is cleaning the area between the teeth which is usually unreachable by the toothbrush. It is done using a thread-like or thin material called “Floss” or “Dental Floss”. Flossing helps you to reach areas your toothbrush cannot get to and remove all the stuck food particles and plaques. Plaques are sticky substances that form on the teeth, they can cause decay of tooth if they stay for so long.

Flossing has other benefits like helping to stimulate the teeth gums and reducing inflammation around the area.

5. Use a toothpaste that contains fluoride

What Foods We Need to Eat to Keep Our Teeth Healthy and White

When choosing your toothpaste, don’t just look for teeth whitening or nice flavor. Choose a toothpaste that contains fluoride because it fights germs that are responsible for tooth decay. It also serves as a protection for your tooth.

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4 Tips to Keep Your Teeth Healthy During the Holidays - Park West Dental

6. Pay attention to your tongue

Don’t ignore your tongue when brushing your teeth, make sure you brush your tongue gently also. It is also possible for plaques to store on your tongue. They can cause terrible odors for your mouth and even other teeth problems.

7. Protect Your Mouth and Teeth

When involved in sports or dangerous activities, ensure you put on the protective gear made available. Put on mouth guards during these activities to prevent injuring your mouth.

8. Stop smoking

Smoking can cause disease for the gum. It begins with bacteria that forms under the gum and can lead to gum disease. It also gives the mouth a bad odor and colors the teeth.

9. Reduce or stop taking alcohol

The bad effect of alcohol on the teeth is primarily caused by its content of sugar. Alcohol also causes dryness in the mouth and increases the risks of gum disease and cavities. It can also cause an unpleasant odor if the mouth is not properly washed after.

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11 Ways to Keep Your Teeth Healthy - Smile Darmawangsa Dental Care

10. Brush your teeth regularly

I saved this for the last because I know it’s something you’ve heard and read several times before. This however does not make it less important. In fact, without it, you cannot keep your teeth healthy in any way.
In brushing, carefully choose a brush that won’t injure your enamel. Avoid a scrubbing or sawing motion, take it circular, back and forth gently to allow it to get to all surfaces of the teeth. It should take you two to three minutes to complete this process. Do not forget to brush the tongue gently also. Brush at least twice a day.

The above tips are for adults and should be taken seriously if you want to keep your teeth healthy. Also avoid taking too many soft drinks, candies, chocolates, sweets, etc. You can take carrots and apples because saliva is produced when chewing them and this encourages teeth protection.

Do not forget to see your dentist if you are having health issues. Don’t do self-medication.

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