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10 weird and unusual kids you might be seeing for the first time


1.) JohnCris Quirante Carl, The kid who has 300 teeth.

This young Filipino boy, who is nine years old, has a rather unusual condition in which he has so much more teeth than the normal person. He doesn’t just have a couple of additional back teeth, though! Johncris was born with over 200 teeth (exactly 300!). Fortunately for the young child, his mom was capable of raising sufficient cash to get the extra teeth removed. The poor little boy had to suffer no fewer than seven surgical procedures to restore his mouth to normalcy…

2.) Muin Bachonaev, the 5-cm-long-eyelashed boy

Muin, an eleven-year-old boy, has exceptionally long eyelashes. His lashes are 5 cm long, and some of them also reach his cheeks. Most women would be jealous of his naturally doe-eyed appearance. Muin, on the other hand, is more interested in playing football, which is possibly for the best!

3.) Ava Clarke, a white kid born to African-American parents

Ava Clarke was conceived to african American parents, yet she bears very little of her parents’ features, with the exception of her mom’s curly hair. Her porcelain light skin, white hair, and pearly eyes give her a unique appearance. This girl is, in reality, among the most famous child models due to her exceptional beauty. Ava’s peculiar characteristics, on the other hand, are the product of a rare genetic condition. Albinism is a condition in which a person loses melanin. This condition, however, has ended up costing her her vision.

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4.) Elise Tan Roberte, who has a 156 IQ.

Elise is the smartest young girl in the world. Her IQ of 156 is just only several points lower than Einstein’s (160). Elise began speaking at just the age of 5 months, began walking at 8 months, and ran at 10 months. She could read her name and counted to ten at just the age of 16 months. She could countdown to ten in Spanish and learned the names of all the world’s capital cities at the age of two. Could she be the next great thinker?5. Charlotte Garside, who is not even bigger than a rabbit.

5.) Charlotte Garside weighed just 500 grams and measured 25 centimetres when she was delivered… Her parents were told she developed primordial dwarfism, a really rare disease. Charlotte will only survive to be one or two years old in the best circumstances, according to specialists. Doctors were wrong, as the little girl had just marked her first birthday.

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6.) Millianna Worthy, who has bi-colored hair.

Millianna is a young lady who is just like any other young lady. Her biggest distinguishing feature from other kids is her bi-colored hair, which includes a tuft of blonde hair within her dark black locks. Her unique genetic trait can be traced back two centuries. Achromotrichia, or the lack of pigmentation in the hair, is the scientific term for this condition. As is the case with Milliana, this anomaly is often followed by vitiligo. The little girl, on the other hand, takes off her two-toned skin as well as her hair.7.) Jare Ljalana, 7. The world’s most beautiful child.

7.) Jare is really gorgeous that she doesn’t appear to be real. The little Nigerian kid, who is only five years old, is truly remarkable. Her mom wanted to share a picture of her daughter on Instagram, which received over 50,000 likes and became an international sensation. The fact that the girl is now a child model is unsurprising.

8.) Nariyana, an albino girl with black skin who was born to dark-skinned parents.

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Nariyana is the next albino model to be found. It’s difficult to believe that the little girl was born into a family with dark skin, given her milky white skin, almost blond hair, and opaque eyes!

9.) Tessa Evans, who was born without a nose.

Tessa didn’t have a nose from the start. Her absence of sinuses, on the other hand, hasn’t stopped her from having a good time. Every little girl loves hopping around and playing, and the young Irish girl is no exception. The only issue is that Tessa has absolutely no sense if smell. Her family has started a fundraising campaign to help her get an implanted 3-dimensional nasal graft that she’ll have to replace every two years.

10.) Chahat Kumar, a kid who is overweight.

This massive baby already weighs 17 kilos at just eight months old. This little girl, on the other hand, was a typical infant size at the time of her birth. Her parents soon noticed that as she grew older and developed a larger appetite, she began to eat like a kid.