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11 things poor people waste their money on


1. Glam and beautification

The quest to show off especially on social media has now become a lifestyle. Broke people keep up appearances the most and they end up spending the money that could have made them rich. Some even run into debt to keep up appearances. It started with the saying ‘fake it till you make it then it became a lifestyle. Nobody wants to be caught unfresh. They’ll spend thousands on beautification and not have food to eat. I know of someone who was busy sewing senator of 20-25k while still in school, he would then come back and be looking for who cooked so he can eat. He paid for a trip to obudu cattle ranch for one week (25k) and came back looking for who will lend him 5k to get his workbooks. I also know of a girl who makes 12,000 nails done and doesn’t have up to 2k left in her account.

2. Impulse purchases

I had a friend who would go to the market to get foodstuffs with 15k and return with things that are unrelated to foodstuffs and no money to pay the bike man. She’ll then proceed to ask for 200 Naira from room to room to pay up. Some will get phone cases of different designs and colors, please tell me how many can your phone use at a time. If you do this, it is a sign of immaturity. It shows you don’t have control over your wants and you’ve not separated them from your needs. Make a list of what you want to buy and get the monetary value. Add the price of transportation to and from the market. Add an extra 1,000 in case of price change. Go to the market with only that amount and leave your ATM card at home. Buy everything on the list before buying anything else. Dissociate your transportation fare from the rest of the money.

3. Food waste

All that food you’ve thrown away if converted to monetary value can get you things you need. Plan your meals and do not dish out more food than you can consume then throw away the leftover.

4. Miracle diet, weird fitness products, and teleshopping.

Who do you think buys things online the most? The answer is not so well to do. The rich can always go abroad on vacation and get those things. Some people buy online to show off. Aside from that, the poor are very gullible and whenever they see something that sounds like an amazing offer they jump at it. Read my article on marketing tricks you should never fall for.

5. Lucky charms and spiritual items

A pastor will tell you to buy a handkerchief of 100 nairas for 1k because it has healing powers and gullible poor people will buy it or they’ll sell Mecca stones for 5k and poor people will buy it. Yes, poor people because rich people go for medical check-up and can afford to pay for treatment so they don’t need miracle handkerchiefs. Also, rich Muslims go to Mecca as well so they are not buying its stones for 5k. Most of these items prey on the poor people’s desperation for a better life. God lives in you and he can hear you and heal you and his blessings are free.

6. Health

If you don’t pay for teeth checkups, you’ll pay more for an implant. If you don’t go for a check-up, you’ll be hospitalized and you’ll pay in folds. They feel it’s unnecessary to do body check-ups since they aren’t feeling sick that’s why most of them are usually rushed in at the point of death. Be smart, a check-up every three months is better.

7. Games and in-app purchases

I had a friend who spent a whooping 12k cumulatively buying that heart thing on candy crush. She only stopping when I calculated the amount she wasted for her after she told me she was broke and needs 1k urgently. I should not even bring up play station at all, that one is even worst and I’m not talking about the money used in purchasing these game kits but the amount of time being wasted in front of these deceptive gadgets. If you play for an hour, that’s an hour you spent doing unproductive things especially if you have things you could be doing at that time.

8. Latest tech

Poor people have more iPhones than the rich no cap. A girl living in a room apartment with three other occupants will be using iPhone 11 pro max. She might not be able to feed properly or pay her rent. Couldn’t she have gotten an Android phone and gotten decent accommodation for herself? Nothing is wrong with your phone. If you can’t afford it leave it. Don’t attract unnecessary attention to yourself.

9. Balling in the club

Rich people go to the club to unwind and relax and except they’re politicians you won’t see them spraying money all over. A poor person will use the money he/she doesn’t have to buy drinks from everyone, spray money, book the VIP section and even order the most expensive drinks. True rich people do this when they feel like it but poor people do it more often than them. Save your money, the people at the club don’t know who you are and don’t care.

10. Gambling

This is a very formidable table with millions of Nigerian youths on it. 70% of gamblers are poor. They feel it’s an easy route out but in the long run, they don’t know they lose more than they win. If they’ve won before and have seen someone close to them win then you can’t tell them anything. They’ll sell their cars, phones, or any valuable thing to be able to gamble.

11. Donations

If you feel like helping people, look around you and see the people that need it. Donations to NGOs go to paying the organization workers first and only a few portions go to the actual people you’re donating to. If you are well to do, you can still overlook this fact and donate because it won’t hurt your pocket but look around you first because charity begins at home. If you’re struggling yourself, you have no business donating or pledging to donate any money, don’t you need donations yourself?

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Which of these are you guilty of?

What are you planning to do about it?