WATCH: 14-Year-Old Falls Off Ride Death Video Graphic Leaked On Twitter And Reddit: The FreeFall ride death video is still making rounds on the web and depicting the scary graphics of a boy falling from the ride. Cell phone video views the moments prior to the 14-year-old boy passing away after falling from the Orlando FreeFall ride at ICON Park. A side angle views Tyre Sampson in his seat on the drop tower ride. The harness of Sampson comes up to be much higher as compared to other riders. The accident report was submitted to the stage by the ride operator states the ride was coming down the tower and when the magnets were involved, Sampson fell out of his seat. Follow More Update On CmaTrends.com

14-Year-Old Falls Off Ride Death Video Graphic

That accident report also mentioned that the harness was still in a “down and locked position” when the ride stopped. Many videos viewed the videos to 2 different experts and their opinions were similar. “I watch a patron in an amusement ride and that over-the-shoulder self-control system is not properly affixed. It should have been a closed circuit. Where it came all the way down over the shoulder controlling the person and resting in their lap or the seat pan.”

The media outlets went through the manual of the operator and discovered how the harness is checked. Employers pull up a screen and “green” means the seat is perfectly locked and good to go. The attendants at the ride that incident night say they did check the set of Sampson and say it was perfectly locked.

14-Year-Old Falls Off Ride Video Graphic

Documents submitted to the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services divisions by the founders of Orlando FreeFall as part of the regulatory process for the amusement rides provide a photo of how the ride works and the processes followed. Those documents are also sparking and raising lots of questions.

Shay Johnson, the cousin of Sampson asked “If he was over the weight limit, why did you all permit him to get on this ride? You all informed him he could not go on the slingshot. You informed him he could not swing. Yet, you permitted him to get on this one. Why?”

The maintenance and operations manual from Funtimes, the manufacturer and designer of the ride, clarifies everything from how to conduct safety checks on the ride every day to how to use it properly. As per that manual, the maximum weight limit for riders is 287 pounds. The father of Sampson tells that the teen weighed 340 pounds, which would be 53 pounds which is over the weight limit.

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