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Linkedin Top Companies 2022 Singapore: LinkedIn has recently released a list of companies that ranks as the best workplace for employees to develop their careers. And the top place is acquired by Amazon which is a repeat performance of the company. Amazon topped the list of 50 companies for the best place to work to develop careers for the employees. Since this news has come out netizens are seeking the list of the companies that have been listed by the giant platform LinkedIn. LinkedIn recently released the 2022 Top Companies list and we have come up with this article to make you educated on this latest and must-know news. So go through all the sections of this article and enjoy the information filled in them. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Linkedin Top Companies 2022 Singapore

As mentioned, the first place is acquired by Amazon once again and the second rank is attained by the Alphabet. Alphabet did this for the second time in a row. While a third place in the list is given to Wells Fargo. JPMorgan Chase made a jump in the rank as it holds fourth place in the list this year. There are many names in the list that have been mentioned on LinkedIn. LinkedIn said they made this list by using internal data to give the rankings to the companies on career progression and investing in employee success. Kindly look at the next paragraph to learn about the top ten companies in the US.

Linkedin Top Companies 2022 Singapore List:

  1. Unilever (Manufacturing)
  2. Standard Chartered Bank (Banking)
  3. Prudential Assurance Company Singapore (Financial Services)
  4. OCBC Bank (Banking)
  5. DBS Bank (Banking)
  6. Google (Internet Publishing)
  7. Abbott (Hospitals and Health Care)
  8. Accenture (IT Services and IT Consulting)
  9. Sea (Internet Publishing)
  10. Grab (IT Services and IT Consulting)
  11. IBM (IT Services and IT Consulting)
  12. AIA (Singapore Insurance)
  13. EY (Accounting)
  14. Roche (Biotechnology Research)
  15. JPMorgan Chase & Co. (Financial Services)

LinkedIn listed Amazon, Alphabet, and Wells Fargo in the top three numbers respectively. While the next company which is in fourth place is JPMorgan Chase & Co. And next names on the list are Walmart, IBM, AT&T, Bank of America, Apple, and Comcast. These names are written according to their ranks on the list. Read down the next section to know what are the factors that are must keep in mind by the companies in crafting the best place to work.

The first thing that comes in this is flexibility in the work. Companies offered several forms of work from anywhere such as remote jobs and work from home to maintain the work-life balance of the employee. The next factor is imperative to focus on stability with the workers. Many companies preferred to work with their old employees during times of instability. Top-rated organizations retained the employees in which they have invested for a long time. The best place to work can only be flourished only if the mental health of the employee does not get affected by the job.

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