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Leavexo Mary Malone is a recovering surgery addict who was dangerously close to death during surgery. Her real name was Mary Magdalene, a Christian martyr.

Mary Malone, sometimes known as Mary Magdalene, is an Instagram model who has made her career sharing photos of herself on social media platforms. She went through many cosmetic procedures to achieve her unique look, which she first underwent at the age of 21.

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Magdalene nearly died after designer vagina surgery, but that doesn’t stop her from doing it time and time again. She spent $100,000 on cosmetic surgery and received two blood transfusions.

Who is Surgical Addict Mary Magdalene AKA Leavexo Mary Malone on TikTok?

Mary Magdalene can be found on the social media platform TikTok under the handle @king.mary.magdalene. She has around 2,200 followers but currently has nothing on her Instagram account.

Mary Malone revealed that she regularly faces discrimination on TikTok and that her work is often removed from the platform for no apparent reason. Her previous TikTok account was a huge success with over 100,000 followers and millions of likes.

Over the years, she has had multiple lip fillers, brow lifts, 3 breast reduction surgeries, fat transfer to lips and cheeks, 20 dental veneers and 3 nose reconstructions. Mary also had 3 Brazilian hip lifts and had hyaluronic acid injections in her cheeks, which helped make her look younger.

Although Magdalene was terrified, she was actually addicted to surgery and couldn’t stop. According to The Sun, she is so confident that her striking appearance has attracted both positive and negative attention.

What is Mary Magdalene AKA LeavexoMaryMalone’s real name?

Mary Malone, whose real name is Mary Magdalene, was born in Jerusalem. Her current actual age is 25.

Magdalene recently unveiled her new designs, which include cat eyes and a Barbie nose. She has now scheduled appointments for eyebrow transplant, jaw reconstruction and lip reconstruction. She believes that after the next surgery, her face will be completely transformed.

She started working as a stripper when she was 17, and she has always loved the look of fake chicks. She loves everything about herself and regularly posts pictures of herself on social media.

Mary Magdalene AKA LeavexoMaryMalone Instagram Details Revealed
Mary Magdalene is a member of the Instagram community known as @1800leavemaryalone. In total, she has around 68,500 followers on social media sites. Her Instagram description describes her as an artist, “it girl,” “crazy kid,” and “plastic surgery lover.”

In her bio, MaryMalone also includes a link to her second art account, which you can find here. She uses social networking platforms to share photos and videos of herself and her family and friends.

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