19 Signs Of a Weak Man in a Relationship

The signs of a weak man are hidden beneath the surface. The problem is, men have been conditioned not to show their emotions, so they’re often hard to spot, especially when they are trying their best and making an effort.

But it’s not always so difficult to find out what kind of guy you’re dating. Here are the signs of a weak man in a relationship:

1.He cannot keep his word

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What he says and what he does rarely align. In fact, you often find yourself eye-rolling while he’s over-promising because you’re so used to his under-delivery. A man who has no relationship with his word is not only weak but powerless. It means that he lets life’s challenges throw him off his game.

2.He does not empathize.When he can’t possibly see how someone else may struggle or be challenged by life. When holding you for anything other than sex is a foreign idea.

When he’s skeptical of your emotions, it’s likely that he doesn’t know how to care for his own emotions and therefore has zero strength to connect with anyone else’s.

3.He is competitive over supportive.Sure, a little healthy competition can be fun, but if your successes darken his day, he likely feels unworthy at his core. When we don’t feel worthy, we often devalue others, become fearful they will leave, or even try to sabotage them.

4.He uses hurtful words or violence to express his negative emotions

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Kind of a no-brainer but cannot be repeated enough. A man who has not healed his history will continuously bring it into his present through anger. It takes a great deal of strength to face our demons.

5. He is competitive with people that love you. A weak man needs constant reassurance that he is more valuable to you than anyone else. An emotionally strong man understands that insecurities may arise, but when it comes to love and support, a couple’s motto should be “The more, the merrier.”

6.He has an irresponsible relationship with money. Self-worth is directly related to self-provision. It’s not the numbers in the bank account; it’s the ability to sustain his life and often the lives of others at a level that is agreeable to all involved.Financial aptitude takes fortitude.

7. If he has children, you wouldn’t know it. Deadbeat Dads are notoriously weak. It’s not necessarily terminal, but it is something that takes a great deal of strength to transform. If he fails to connect with his children month after month, year after year, he just doesn’t have the emotional muscle required to be strong in a relationship.

8. He has no ideas, creativity, or visions for the future

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A weak man continually stops himself before he starts. He’ll often stay at a job he hates. He’ll make a million excuses for why anything ambitious is impossible. He’ll give up before he begins.

9. He’s colossally shallow and expects you to be a “10” every moment. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be with someone who is attractive, but when a man has stringent physical requirements for a partner that overrides all else, he’s looking for an ego boost.

The short-lived kind that only comes from the approval of others. Usually, his father.

10. He expects you to financially support him indefinitely.This one is more of a personal judgment than a hard rule. Everyone is entitled to set up gender roles and dynamics that suit their preferences in a relationship. The caveat is whether or not both people enter into a provisional agreement unaware.

A man who determines on his own that you will always foot the bills with no relief is disconnected from his masculine energy. A state of being that is both emotionally and physically weak.

11.He’s very uncomfortable around other men. He’s very uncomfortable around other men, particularly if they are physically fit or successful. He’s likely in a secret game of compare and despair, which would make anyone uncomfortable and even fearful. Superiority is a product of perception.

If we hold ourselves up to the standards of what we perceive to be great in others, we will feel inferior, and therefore weak.

12. He has no relationship with purpose. It’s not so much that he has to have already figured out his reason for being. Just the understanding that when he creates one, he’s just much more powerful.

A man who just does what he was taught or told to do won’t have the integrity that comes from actualizing himself.

If you’re experiencing any of the above with a partner, the invitation is to check in with your relationship with yourself. If he is weak, who do you have to be to maintain a relationship with him?

The upside is that we all experience stages of weakness, and we all have the ability to transform it into strength. The caveat is to be aware that change can only come from within. Nothing perpetuates weakness more than the attempt to change someone else.

13. He’s being rude towards strangers.How he talks to strangers should matter a lot because if he is rude to a random stranger, imagine what he will do to someone he believes loves him and trusts him.

When you see this behavior, it is not your job to correct him, yet nicely mention, “Hey, I think how you spoke to that person was a little harsh. Why do you think you did this?”

If for any reason, he becomes hostile towards you or unwilling to speak about it, this is your sign to question if you are in the right relationship or to leave.

14. He’s gaslighting.A man making you feel that your reality or what you are experiencing is made up or not real, or that you are dramatic or emotional these are keywords for a man trying to have a woman second guess her feelings and reality instead of trusting what is true for her.

If a man cannot handle all your feelings communicated in a healthy way, this is a massive unhealthy sign.

15. He’s name calling of any sort or demands that you should be serving him.This is a sign of control and passively taking action to make you feel insignificant and lose control of your confidence. This is a power dynamic and unconscious or conscious manipulation.

Any of this is a massive sign to leave, there is no excuse for this type of behavior, and it is not your job as a woman to teach a man how to act like a decent human being.

16. He’s always blaming you and never taking accountability

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Always blaming you and never taking responsibility for co-creating disagreements, arguments, and differences in perspective shows he believes that he is a victim of life. Disempowered that he was part of the co-creation of everything that is emotionally or financially occurring within your lives together.

You are not his mother or teacher to guide him to heal; you are responsible for moving on and creating a life you love to attract what you truly deserve.

17. A weak man can’t make his lady feel secure because he himself is emotionally vulnerable.Women always want to date and marry a strong man because they possess certain innate qualities to make them feel emotionally secure and happy. But what about those weak men out there who want to have a strong-willed girlfriend or wife living with them?

Though sounding weird, it’s true. There are many men around us who are emotionally insecure, anxious, with poor self-esteem, and always need strong women to validate their worth. A weak man in a relationship is usually avoidant.

He never takes the onus of anything going wrong in the relationship. He avoids hard conversations and avoids taking vital decisions for the benefit of both in the relationship. He can never make his wife and girlfriend feel secure because he is needy and uncomfortable in his own skin.

A weak man is someone that you have to carry through life. Rather than an equal relationship, you mostly do all the work while he’s just along for the ride. You want a partner, not a man-child. So here are my top 5x signs you are involved with a weak man:

18. He’s turned you into a nag.You’ve turned into “that” person, that nagging girlfriend you swore you would never become. You can’t remember exactly how and when this change occurred, but you know it centers around “him.”

You never were a nag before, but since you started dating him, you find yourself nagging more and more, and you can’t seem to help yourself. You’re constantly asking him to do things or remind him of what he has to do, and then you have to hold his hand to make sure it actually gets done.

If you’re starting to feel like the parent in your relationship, it’s time to get out!

19.You make all the plans.You seem to always find yourself in the driver’s seat. He doesn’t seem to ever want to take the lead. You always seem to be the one who plans everything. They don’t want to be a leader; they want to be a follower and be taken care of.

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