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19 Signs That Show A Woman’s Womb Is About To Block


Below are 19 signs that shows a woman’s womb is about to get blocked and so if noticed proper care should be taken.

1. Victim will feel I’ll and general discomfort

2. She will have lower abdominal pain which is worse on movement.

3. There may be vomiting at the beginning of the tubal inflammation

4. There may be constipation of the bowels

5. The pulse rate will rise

6. The temperature will be raised

7. The tongue may be dry but bit usually furred

8. Her menstrual cycle will be upset and produce irregular bleeding

9. The menstrual loss is often heavy and is preceded by pain in the back and lower abdomen, and last throughout each period.

10. In addition to menstrual pain there is often continuing dull pain or arching in the lower abdomen and the back

11. There is difficulty or pain in coitus (during sex)

12. Pain all over her pelvis and around the hips and groin which worsen instead of subsiding after using pain killer

13. Her appetite deteriorates

14. She sleeps badly

15. Rigors may occur as temperature and pulse rate continues to rise

16. Mucous or purulent discharge from the vagina. Once the ends of Tue tubes are closing or closed, in most cases pus collects in the tubes and may be discharged through the vagina

17. Daily task becomes a burden. In chronic cases ( long standing case, Tue affected person could still go about her regular work but she does not feel well and many other ordinary daily task becomes burden.

18. There will be nausea

19. There will be foul breath ( smelling).

All the above problems can happen in late intervention, if not handled early.