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2 Fruits Pregnant Women Should Not Eat To Avoid Miscarriage


Pregnancy is most times the joy of not just a woman but her partner, friends and family members, they all wait in anticipation for the unborn child and they do so by taking good care of the mother, things sometimes go as planned and the child is born, but some unfortunate cases have experienced miscarriages, while some others have been pushed to early labor.

Many factors can be responsible for a miscarriage and sometimes it can be as a result of accumulated issues, either way, we need to minimize the occurrence of miscarriages and other pregnancy complications that can befall a woman.

Pregnant women are always advised to eat more of some foods and abstain from others, those foods that are to be avoided are those that can bring harm to the woman or her unborn child, some of those foods can cause a miscarriage and sometimes they are fruits, this article is written to tell you two fruits you should not consume as a pregnant woman to avoid a miscarriage.

1. Pineapple.

Pineapple is a sweet and juicy fruit, how can it be bad for pregnant women in a way that it causes a miscarriage? This is a question that I pondered for so long and after researching from websites like parenting.firstcry.com, apollocradle.com, and more I found out that when pregnant women eat pineapple they risk miscarriage and early labor.

This is because of bromelain, this substance is contained in pineapple and it normally breaks down protein, bromelain in pregnant women can help soften the cervix and leads to early labor, also, in the course of softening the cervix it can lead to premature contractions which can ultimately result in a miscarriage.

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It is advised that pregnant women avoid pineapple in their first trimester, but for me, I think it’s safe to avoid it throughout pregnancy, any sacrifice as such is worth it.

2. Unripe Pawpaw/Papaya.

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Unripe papaya is another fruit that is not good for consumption by pregnant women, when papaya is ripe is juicy and sweet, it offers many nutrients and vitamin C is one of its signature nutrients, well, that’s for ripe papaya. Unripe papaya is good for medicinal purposes but pregnant women should not consume it because it can harm them and their babies.

Unripe papaya contains two significant nutrients among many others, papain and latex, latex is known to negatively affect pregnant women even if it doesn’t cause harm to other people. Photo Credit: Specialty Produce

According to parenting.firstcry.com, Latex can cause uterine contractions, from here bleeding can follow and a miscarriage is just at the end of the road, it tends to ultimately cause a miscarriage.

My advice to pregnant women concerning food and fruits to avoid is that they should eat only what is healthy and beneficial to them and their unborn child.