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2 Issues Imo State Government Should Tackle Before President Buhari’s Visit


It is no longer news that the President, Muhammadu Buhari has been scheduled to undertake a working visit to the southeast state of Imo on Thursday, the 9th of September 2021.

This was announced by the Governor himself while answering questions from newsmen a few days ago.

One thing that is not clear, however, is how prepared the state is to receive the President.

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Amid threats of a sit-at-home order which subtly persists in the region, Imo state, in particular, has been thrown into some sort of confusion over a few policies and strategies of the governor which have been seen to make the residents uncomfortable.

For some time now, well, let’s say months, the outlawed indigenous people of Biafra and their militia arm, the ESN lave laid siege to the state destroying properties and killing innocent men and women.

The latest atrocity of the group has been to give a sit-at-home order which has sent chills into all the residents of the southeast region in particular.

A few days ago as early as 6 am, a trailer load of motorcycles and spare parts was burnt down at Eluagu Obukpa, in the Nsukka Local Government Area of Enugu State.

Note that this trailer was taking goods from Nnewi which probably belonged to an indigen, to Kogi state but because it disobeyed the sit-at-home order, it was ordered to stop and the hoodlums set fire to it.

Now this action may have sent chills down the spine of other residents of the region as even banks were ordered to remain shut.

The first issue the Governor should tackle is the continued closure of banks in the state.

In a rather wrong move, the Imo state governor had gone ahead to seal some banks in the state yesterday, the 6th of September.

This move had left scores of stranded customers littered around the state as there was no means of getting cash and attending to their businesses.

While revealing why the action was taken, the state Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Declan Emelumba, had told The Punch correspondent that the state government sealed the banks because they frustrated customers on Monday, the 6th September, by obeying IPOB’s sit-at-home order.

Sealing the banks was a wrong move and a heavier punishment for the residents and businesses in the state. The state would have gone into negotiations with the banks on how to fortify their security apparatus instead.

The second issue plaguing the state which the state government should tackle immediately is the scarcity of fuel which is biting the residents hard at the moment.

As reported by The Tribune, the residents of the state are currently lamenting the scarcity of PMS as the price has shot up to N250 per litre.

The long queues and pictures of jerry can-wielding black market sellers had since returned to the state capital as residents have been struggling to buy the product.

While the reasons for the fuel scarcity has not been immediately ascertained, the Tribune reported that residents had complained of the harsh policies of the state government with the independent marketers which had resulted in the scarcity.

With no money and no petrol, the residents of the state are currently in an angry mood which is not healthy since the visit of the President is imminent.

The state has just one day for the visit of the president and this type of report may have a way of negatively affecting the visit as the residents would instead of welcoming the President, be lamenting on the difficult week they’ve had.

The state government should as matter of fact, fix these issues which is negatively affecting the residents.

Considering what the hoodlums did to the trailer in Enugu and how other residents of the state have been attacked, no one can blame the banks for staying shut.

The state should have provided enough security for the banks and also, set off modalities in motion to halt any planned attacks from the hoodlums instead of shutting the banks right away