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2 students beats up their exam invigilator after she asked one of them to kneel down (Video)



Secondary schools are becoming to mirage to us who left them decades ago. The decadence that is seen in most secondary schools cannot be comprehended anymore. The lack of discipline and disregard for the rule of law and established authority is becoming alarming.

In today’s matter, a secondary school girl is seen confidently disrespecting her exam invigilator. The invigilator in the video is seen asking the girl to kneel down but the girl refused, saying she is just an invigilator and not her teacher, hence she wouldn’t be kneeling down.

This angered the invigilator as she repeatedly tells the minor to kneel down but she refuses. Out of frustration and anger, the invigilator picks up and stick and hits the girl with it. That was where the problem started.

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The secondary school girl who looks bigger than the invigilator grabs her by her hair and began to beat her up. She was immediately joined by her friend and they beat the invigilator up, removing her wig and showing her no mercy.

Below are screenshots of the video

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