23-Year-Old Kiena Dawes Passed Away Following Train Impact, Accident Details


Kiana Dawes, 23, has been killed by a train in the English town of Gastown. Everyone who knew Kiana was shocked by the news of her passing, and her grieving friends and family have started a fund to help her daughter.

Kiena Dawes: Who is she?Information about her parents and brother

A young mother in her 20s named Kiena Dawes was killed on a rail line in Garstang on Friday. The young mother, who recently moved to Garstang from Lytham St. Annes, went missing on Friday.

A body was reportedly found on the track hours after her brother Kynan posted a plea on social media for help finding her. Just after 1:00 pm, she was hit by a train on the tracks in Garstang. Rail services were interrupted for about three hours.

A 23-year-old mother dies in a train accident, according to a suicide obituary

Young mother Kiena Dawes has been dealing with mental health issues. In the words of her friends, she wrote on social media days before her death that she was “going through a nightmare.”

British Transport Police were dispatched to Preston’s line at 1:05 am on Friday, July 22, following reports of casualties on the track, according to the accident report. This was described as Keener’s suicide.

Who is Marnie Blu Dawes, Kiena Dawes’ child?

Kiena’s 9-month-old daughter, Marnie Blu Dawes, is her only child. Since Kiena is the only parent to raise this lovely child, she is now alone in the world. But Kiena’s brother has promised to take care of his niece.

On Facebook, Kynan said her sister had reached a breaking point and made the difficult decision to stop her lifelong struggle. Both the GoFundMe website and Facebook are used to pay tribute to the unfortunate young people

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