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25 Years Old Lady Who Came To Visit A Man In A City, Get Stranded As The Man’s Phone Was Off



A woman is trapped between the devil and the deep blue sea because she is lost and has little choices.

Sandra, a woman who only gave her first name, reported to have travelled all the way from Lagos to Abuja. The lady said she was there to see a friend she made on the famous social networking site “Facebook.”

According to her version of events, she encountered the guy exclusively via social media. She claimed that they met on social media on Valentine’s Day and set up a meeting date.

She clarified that they had decided for her to come visit for her own income, and that after they had met and she was to return, he would pay for her transportation, a deal she gladly embraced.

She was greeted with dissatisfaction on the fateful day she landed in the country’s capital to see him. She attempted to call her online friend to tell him of her arrival, but was met with the response “the number you have dialed is actually turned off.”

She had no other choice than to call for help because she had nowhere else to stay and no known family in the area. The lady who was seen begging and asking passers-by of her ordeals was left at their hands.

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