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3 Things You Must Do When Thieves Break Into Your House For Your Own Safety



Thieves breaking into ones house is one most dangerous thing to ever befall an individual because it poses a risk to your life and that of your family. No one prays to cross the path of a criminal not to talk of being the target of a criminal or criminals to the extent that they break into your home.

In as much as it is a terrible situation that no sane person should pray for, there are still safety precautions you can embark on to save yourself from potential harm or atleast cause confusion in the enemy’s camp. The enemy mentioned here is/are the criminals or armed robbers that came to steal from you. In this article, we are going to find out the two(2) things you must do when they attack or come into your home.

1. Turn off the Lights Inside the House: immediately you notice strange noises or sounds inside your vicinity and you don’t have a dog. It’s better to turn off all the lights inside your house, this is one of the most advisable things to do. The reason is that, it will cause a little confusion in the enemy’s camp because they won’t be able to pin point exactly what goes on inside your house. People won’t be able to know what is going in inside your house for the meantime.

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This is not a solution to the problem though, the next thing you should do while the lights inside your house are off is to call the police. Just call the police during that process of total darkness, while doing this too, ensure that all entrances into the main building are sealed.

2. Blow the Horn of Your Car Using the Remote: this is an optional step in the sense that not all car owners have a remote and not all families have cars of their own. But, it is a very powerful step to take when thieves break into your house in the night. It will scare the living daylight out of the criminals, because imagine yourself in a dark environment at night as a criminal and you suddenly hear the loud horning of a car, won’t you be terribly scared? Yes, you will!

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Try it out too after you must have turned off all lights in your house and also called the police. This will further delay and demoralise them pending when the police will arrive.

3. Grab a Weapon: this option will be most suitable if you are living alone and you suspect it’s just a single robber. Just hide behind a door till the thief makes his way into your house, the moment he steps further, you use the deadly weapon on him. It will dangerously affect him or her because, the attack will come like a surprise.

Now that’s the things you can do when Thieves break into your home. Incase you get scared, reassure yourself with this singular statement of fact: “They are either coming to rob you or kill you, so why not take the last risk. It’s better to die trying to defend yourself than to die begging for your life”.

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