30 Cute Desk Accessories to Shop for Back-to-School 2022

whether you are literally Back to school this fall, cute desk accessories and workspace updates can do wonders for the hazy summer brain to go into work mode.Of course, you can try to join Pomodoro Technique Or opt for time blocking to kickstart your new season mentality, but if you’re like us, being productive by shopping your to-do list isn’t just an easier pill to swallow — it’s more fun.

Delicate paper clips, bright tape dispensers and pen holders give us back-to-school key vibes. You know: the fluttering butterflies in your belly, a palpable optimism, the euphoria of relief from a hazy summer. Who says once you’re an adult, everything has to end? Plus, the best desk accessories can boost our productivity—or at least get us excited to clock in every morning.

So, for fall, we’ve rounded up a variety of practical and cute desk items, including tech finds you didn’t know you needed and minimal desk organizers that can turn any messy workstation into an organized dream. We’ve even added a bonus category this time around: healthy essentials for those who struggle to keep up their energy all day, without a second cup of coffee (the post-lunch slump is real). In the future, all the cute desk accessories and work slash office decor are available for purchase now, because back-to-school season is never really over.

Tech staples

Start the semester off with a fresh batch of tech supplies to keep you focused. If you’re still hunched over your laptop all day, maybe it’s time to invest in a stand to level your vision—you can even find adjustable stands for a truly custom experience. A muted keyboard and mouse pad can do wonders for your mood, while a small cable organizer is a godsend for keeping your workstation free of tangled wires. As for those wireless earbuds that keep dropping calls during Zoom meetings?Swap them out for Apple AirPods Max, it’s comfortable, sounds great, and happens to be whole TikTok immediately.

Desk Essentials

We don’t mean business card holders and boring folders. We’re talking brightly colored tape dispensers, collapsible crates (in lieu of caddies or acrylic pencil cups) to hold cute pens and other mischievous office supplies, and goal planning you’ll want to show off on campus or in the office device. A file rack or sorter is also great for organizing personal files, and Post-It has fun printing options to add character to your desk drawer. Next, consider upgrading your pen game with a Kaweco pen – writing in ink has an old-school ASMR feel and it looks extra professional when writing thank you notes. Colorful desk lamps are great for working late at night or for small space dwellers who usually get extra light. (Bonus points for new home decor.)

Health Station

Because the mid-term and final no Ambience, you’ll want to turn your actual workspace into a mini sanctuary with a few health-related accessories (and any extra extras you deem necessary. A reusable water bottle can help keep you on track throughout the day) Moisture, while coasters are clutches to catch any spills in coffee or tea cups. Those looking for instant stress relief through scent will love having a candle or essential oil diffuser on the deck, while succulent or pretty dried flowers add to the The ultimate finishing touch.

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