4 Female Backpackers Killed In Crash

Car Accident Stanthorpe Today: A terrible accident has been reported at Queensland Highway in which reportedly four women have handed off their precious lives. According to the reports, this accident took place on 13th April 2022. As per the reports, all the women were backpackers who lost their life after becoming the victim of a fatal road accident. This news has pulled everyone’s attention and now creating a buzz on social media platforms. We have come up with this column to give you an insight into this fatal and horrible road rage accident. You have to read this article till the last word of this column to get all the information about this road collision. In the fore coming section of this article, you will get to learn how old were the victims? and how did the accident take place? Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Car Accident Stanthorpe Today

After getting informed about this tragic accident a unit of investigators was dispatched to the scene. The police department did not take a significant time to respond to the call. According to the investigators, all the victims were South Korean backpackers. Investigators also claimed that in this incident four women have died and all were the workers of a farm in the Southern Downs region near Stanthorpe. Keep reading this article to know where this accident took place.

Police reported that they were returning after doing their work at the farm but when they reached New England Highway unfortunately their car collided with a semi-trailer. According to the police reports, this accident took place around 5:30 PM. Women were entering the Granite Belt Drive intersection near The Summit but they could not give sideway to the semi-trailer and tragedy happened. Who are the victims and who is the driver of the semi-trailer? Take a look to find out this information.

Police reported that all the victims were in their 20s and all four victims were declared dead at the scene. While the driver of the trailer sustained minor injuries in the collision. But the identities of the victims are yet to be disclosed by the police. Mike Condon who is Assistant Commissioner of Police said that probably the women failed to give way, the car’s driver was not giving the side way to the driver of the semi-trailer due to which their vehicles collided and tragedy took place, we could not save any of the four victims despite enormous efforts of the paramedical team. Stay tuned for further updates.

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