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4 Powerful Methods to Whiten your lungs (for smokers)



4 Powerful Methods to Whiten your lungs (for smokers)

How To Smoke Weed and Keep Your Lungs Healthy - Soft Secrets United States

1. Orange: oranges are rich in vitamins; they contain citric acid that’s effective. As a smoker, you’re advised to choose oranges nearly like regular to cleanse your lungs in the dark tar and nicotine.

2. Ginger: Ginger is also a good herb to aid with the flushing of their lungs. Grind or pound ginger into glue and boil. You can add little sugar so that it can taste fine.

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3. Lemon/ lime: Lemon or lime is another powerful method employed in preventing black tar from cigarettes and nicotine from the body. All you need to do is get a few succulent lemon or lime, squeeze the juice into a cup, boil a cup of the regular neighborhood green tea or green tea subsequently add to you lemon or lime juice. Add just a little quantity of sugar. This technique is advisable you consider the night before going to bed.

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Soda water: Soda water is a good idea for smokers. If you feel too lazy to do any of the aforementioned procedures, you may opt for soda water sold at each corner of your neighborhood at a very reasonable price.

It is best recommended that you quit smoking. The sooner you stop, the greater chances of you not minding any smoking-related ailments like asthma, bronchitis, cancer, and other related diseases.

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