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4 Taboos In Hausa Land That everyone Should Avoid While Visiting


The Hausa tribe has some of the most expansive lands in Nigeria. They are Nigeria’s most populous tribe, and the majority of them are Muslims. There are numerous laws in Hausa land that all visitors must abide by while there. Because no one is above the law, you must respect their beliefs and traditions. Violation of these laws could result in serious consequences. Here are some taboos to avoid when visiting Hausa land.

1. In Hausa territory, eating pork meat is forbidden. You are permitted to consume any form of meat, except the pig, which is considered unclean. Cows are the primary source of protein for the Hausa people. They also eat fish, chicken, and other meats that are available. When visiting Hausa land, this is one of the laws that you must follow.

2. You are not permitted to consume alcoholic beverages in public. It is prohibited by both the government and religion. Any truck trafficking alcohol in Kano state is destroyed by the government’s ‘Hisbah’. Hisbah is an Islamic notion that translates to “responsibility.” They’re in charge of upholding Sharia’s rules.

3. Wearing clothing that exposes your body should be avoided at all costs. Do not enter the mosque if you are dressed inappropriately. A woman’s body is sacred and should only be viewed by the husband. They even require their women to wear hijab to cover their hair and neck, demonstrating how much the Hausas value their women’s bodies.

4. You are not expected to visit their mosque while dressed in silk or gold. Their religion forbids men from wearing silk or gold. Men, on the other hand, are expected to dress properly. They are expected to urinate while squatting.