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5 Common Grammar Errors In English That People Make


English is a universal language, it is spoken in different parts of the world. It is a privilege we have to learn and speak this language, we must speak to the best of our knowledge.

It’s may not be our native tongue but, it is our general means of commutation here in Nigeria, if we must communicate with it, we must speak it well.

In this article, we will be looking at some common errs that most people make in the English language and their most appropriate corrections.

1. I want To Barb My Hair

This may sound slightly weird or ridiculous because most people are not aware of this, but the sentence; “I want to barb my hair” is wrong.

I recently came across this and decided to check the dictionary for the true meaning of ‘barb’, and to my surprise, I realized that to barb doesn’t mean to cut anything.

The right thing to say is; “I want to barber my hair”. The verb barber means to cut a person’s hair.

2. I Miss You

This is another grammar error that most people are guilty of. Instead of saying “I miss you”, say; “I am missing you”, or “I missed you” (past tense).

3. Night Vigil

The term Night vigil is wrong, and you should not be caught using such. The word vigil on its own means; to stay awake at night mostly for religious purposes. There can never be a vigil during the day so the word; “night” has no place in the phrase.

Instead of Night vigil, simply use ‘vigil’.

For example, “I am on my way to a vigil”.

4. Traveling Bag

I must confess, that I am also guilty of making this mistake. The term traveling bag is a verb and not a noun, and it means a bag in motion. A bag you use to carry your luggage while traveling is called ‘a travel bag’.

5. Lacking behind

There is no such thing as lacking behind, the actual phrase in this context is; “lagging behind”. Please take note of these corrections.