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5 steps to unlock your phone when you forget your password.



How to unlock your phone when you forget your password.

Most times people complain about how they forget their phone password and are unable to unlock their phone.

Well you are lucky today, because I am going to show you two ways on how you can unlock your phone, when you forget your password.

The first way : you can only use this method if you have a computer, USB cable, and your Android phone.

(1). Put on your computer system, and open a Command Prompt or Terminal w indow to your ADB installation directory.

(2). Type in adb shell rm /data/system/gesture. Key, and hit enter.

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(3). Reboot your phone.

(4). Once you do, the secure lock screen should be gone.

(5). This is a temporary condition, so reset your PIN or pattern lock before rebooting again.

The second way : you only need your Android phone.

(1). Switch off your phone.

(2). Press and hold the volume button, and the power button.

(3). Once the start up screen appears, release the power button, and three seconds later release the volume up button.

(4). Your phone will enter recovery mode.

(5). Use the volume button or touch the screen to select wipe data/factory reset.

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