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6 Parts Of Your Body You Should Never Touch With Your Hands



People are found of using their hands to touch some parts of their bodies, it has become a habit that they are already used to and is not good for your health at all. If they is any part of your body that needs your attention please try and do so but you should not use your hand to touch them. This habit has an adverse effect on your health of which most people are not aware of.

Our hands easily pick up germs on a daily basis, this is because the hands touch different things or surfaces like the chair, table, money, clothes, bucket, bed, etc. When you even give people handshake your hands can pick up germs. If you are not much careful these bacterial and germs you pick up can be transferred to other parts of your body.

So they is every need for you to always wash your hands with the use water and soap, if you like you can use hand sanitizer.

Coronavirus outbreak is an example of how we can easily pick up disease from surfaces, when a corvid-19 patient touches a table and you too happens to come in contact with that same table you are prone to contract corvid-19 if you fail to wash your hands and even use it to touch some parts of your body. It is advisable for you to desist from touching the following parts of your body with bare hands.

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1. Eyes

The eyes are very delicate organs in the body that are prone to infection, so if you have itchy eyes, try to use eye drops to tackle it instead of using your hands to rub them. Some of the eye infections people suffer from are caused by regular touching of the eyes with bare hands.

2. Ear canal

The act of touching their ears with bare hands has become the habit of most people, whenever their ears are itching them, they don’t care to use cottonwood rather they use their hands but this is very wrong. Try to stop this habit most especially after having your bath, the ear canal has a delicate skin that can easily be ruptured. Since the hands easily attract germs, there can be transferred to the ear too, so take note of this and be very conscious.

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3. Inside your nose

The use of a sanitized handkerchief to clean the nose is very good instead of using the hands to do it. In an attempt to put your hands in your nose you can rupture it and even attract certain germs in there. Studies have indicated that people who are found of this are usually prone to the risk of falling sick.

4. Your butt

The anal region of the bidy is very sensitive and is packed up with bacteria and germs which can be easily spread when you use your bare hands to touch that region. These bacteria you pick up can cause harm to you and can cause infection. Don’t think your anal region is bacteria free because you always wash there with clean water. Always be careful so that you don’t pick up germs from that region.

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5. Skin under the nails

Don’t temper with the skin under your nails as it is very fragile and can be easily affected by germs. When the skin under the nails happens to be ruptured, it can create a way for germs, bacteria and fungi infections to affect there.

6. Mouth

The hands attracts germs easily, so you need not to make a mistake of touching your mouth with your hands. Even though your hands are very clean, don’t use them to touch your mouth. When you use your teeth to cut your fingernails you put yourself at health risk, so desist from such act with immediate effect.