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7 Reasons Why He wont Let You Go Even After Hurting You.

Have you ever wondered why a man would linger around you even after he’s hurt you? Here is the answer. Relationship coach Stephan Labossiere

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7 Reasons Why He wont Let You Go Even After Hurting You. 5e711fde45994fd49eb4e8a6acbe8036 quality uhq format webp resize 720popularly known as Stephanspeaks in his new Youtube video has revealed 7 reasons why a man would linger even after he has betrayed you. He admits that this is one of the worst situations women have to deal with as it is mentally and emotionally consuming for a man who has hurt you so badly to not want to let go and keep coming back. It leaves a woman puzzled and wondering Why he can’t just go away. Here are several things that could be going on. 1. HE DOESN’T WANT TO END UP BEING THE BAD GUY: This happens when there was no concrete understanding as to what is going on between two people but they both know they have great chemistry and somehow the lady is hoping that it could turn into more. You might have seen this guy with a lady and you confront him about it and he tells you he never said what you have is a commitment so why stress him? This leaves you broken and you want to cut him off completely but he just won’t go away. He doesn’t go because he truly cares about your feelings and he doesn’t have any malicious intentions toward you so he can’t leave you feeling broken and betrayed. He tries to smooth things out with you so you don’t label him a bad guy when he goes away hence he lingers. 2. HE WANTS TO HAVE ACCESS TO YOU: A man can linger on after hurting you because he still wants to have access to you and still enjoys the benefits being close to you provides him. This might not necessarily be sex, it could be Emotional validation, it could be that he just enjoys your company but doesn’t connect with you on a deeper level to take things further so he hangs around. 3. HE’S STILL VERY CONFLICTED: A man can linger after hurting you because he’s still not sure what he wants. There’s a struggle within him between his fleshly desires and his spiritual needs. He could be listening to outside noise and this leads to inconsistency in his behaviour. He is not decided yet whether or not to stay. 4. HE WANTS TO KEEP TABS ON YOU: A man will linger after hurting you because he still wants to know what’s going on in your life. Men can be very possessive of their women and so even after he’s left, he keeps checking and asking friends about you to know if someone else has taken his place in your life. Stephan advised that men should rather be protective of their women than be possessive as it is toxic. 5. HE GENUINELY MADE A MISTAKE: Not every instance of a man hurting a woman stems from a place of malicious intent. He could have genuinely made a mistake as we are all humans and we might lose sight of things at some point. If a man acknowledges that he has made a mistake he will linger on to make things right and he should be given a chance, but when a man makes excuses for his mistakes continually and carries on with that bad behaviour he should be released immediately. 6. HE DOES NOT WANT YOU TO MOVE ON WITH ANOTHER MAN: This could be because he truly loves you and doesn’t want to lose you to another or he’s simply being Jealous and territorial. Stephan says women should never mistake those two for love as it is toxic for any relationship. 7. YOU WON’T SHUT THE DOOR AT HIM: You have to create your peace. If he continually hurts you then you should shut the door at him because he will keep coming back if you don’t. Don’t wait for him to do what’s right, you do what’s best for you.


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