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7 Side Effects Of Bleaching Cream For Skin


Skin bleaching remains very popular among Nigerians, but now and then you hear about Caro Whiteside effects or Fair And White cream side effects from people just like you. So what are the bleaching cream side effects and how serious are they? Find out right now!

1. What Makes Bleaching Creams Bad For Your Skin?

There are dozens of skin whitening cream brands in the Nigerian market, but the truth is that there is no point in talking individually about Extreme Glow cream side effects or Lemonvate cream side effects.

The reason why most bleaching creams do at least some damage to your skin is their list of ingredients. For example, if you look at the Fair And White cream ingredients, you will find that it contains hydroquinone, the compound that gives it whitening properties.

In fact, most skin-lightening creams available in Nigeria contain at least some quantity of hydroquinone. That’s exactly why Caro White’s before and after photos look so impressive. However, hydroquinone and other skin lightening agents can be very harmful to your skin.

2. Top 7 Side Effects Of Bleaching Creams

Want to know more about the White Express cream side effects or Extra Clair cream side effects? Here are 7 most common side effects of popular skin whitening creams.

1. Skin Sensitivity

When you are using products like Bio Clear, you should also be prepared for the Bio Clear bleaching cream side effects. Regular use of these products can lead to your skin becoming overly sensitive and reacting with rashes and irritation to skincare products and makeup that didn’t cause any reaction in the past.

2. Discoloration

You are using skin whitening creams to achieve an even skin color, but prolonged use of lightening products can give you the opposite effect. Uneven pigmentation, loss of pigment, or even darker areas of your skin are all common Dodo Cream side effects due to the hydroquinone content.

3. Thinning Skin

One of the less-discussed Caro White cream side effects is skin thinning, which can result in things like visible blood vessels, stretch marks, and a generally dull, dehydrated look of the skin. It’s possible to minimize this side effect by pairing your skin bleaching cream with a strong moisturizing and nourishing cream.

4. Photosensitivity

Regular use of skin whitening products exposes you to a common Perfect White cream side effect – the increased photosensitivity of your skin. It means that every time you go out in the sun without proper UV protection, the damage from the harmful sunlight will be even bigger. Your skin can actually become darker instead of lighter!

5. Slower Regeneration

It’s no secret that our skin has many amazing properties, and one of them is being able to regenerate itself. If you have ever injured your skin, you probably know how quickly it can heal itself. Unfortunately, this is what you can potentially lose if you continue using whitening skincare products without caution.

6. Inflammation

Even if you have never noticed the signs of inflammation and irritation in your skin before, you can start experiencing them after you start using a lightening cream. The skin swelling, redness, and itchiness are some of the most common Rapid White cream side effects and it can get so serious that you may require help from a professional dermatologist.

7. Health Problems

Most people using bleaching products only expect skin side effects, but aggressive whitening agents can also cause internal problems. Issues with the liver, kidneys, and nerves are just some of the things you can encounter if you continue using skin lightening products for a long time.