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7 Things You Need To Stop If You Want Your Phone’s Battery To Last Long



7 Things You Need To Stop If You Want Your Phone’s Battery To Last Long

A mobile phone is an essential gadget that has become part of our everyday life.

The mobile phone is one important gadget we use for communication, it is a necessity for everyone.

However, it needs a durable battery to perform it’s functions properly. The battery of a phone is very important, and sometimes the battery’s durability is caused by ignorance because there are some things we should keep off from in order to increase the battery’s durability.

Below are the following things you should not do if you want a durable battery.

1. Turn on Airplane Mode In places with Bad Network

Whenever you go to a place with a bad network, turn on the airplane mode because if the phone continuously searches for signals, it drains the battery without your knowledge.

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2. Avoid Keeping Your Phone in Your Jean Pocket.

The easiest way to carry your phone around is by placing it in your pocket, but unknowingly, dust and other debris might penetrate into the phone’s charging port which can lead to battery malfunctioning.

3. Clear Apps, Turn off your Data when not in use.

Remember to clear your mobile apps when not in use, and turn off your phone’s data. This little mistakes drastically drains your battery.

4. Switch Off Your Phone Sometimes.

Sometimes you should learn to switch off your phone for some time, we use our phones daily, so it is good to put it off for about 15 minutes once in a while before putting it on.

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Note; This should be done when the battery is full not on a low battery, do this at least three times in a week.

5. Try Not to Leave Your Phone at 100%

The Battery of your phone will get weak quickly if you keep your phone at 100% always.

For example, when humans overfeed themselves, they can’t work well, same with your phone, keeping the phone at 100%, it won’t function properly. Allow the battery drain off once in a while.

6. Avoid Charging Your Phone Overnight.

This is one bad habit we need to stop. The battery charges continuously after getting filled since you are sleeping, you cant detect when it charges fully.

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This is the fastest way we drain the life span of our battery.

Please stop charging your mobile phone overnight.

7. Avoid pressing Your Phone While Charging.

So many people are guilty of this mistake, using your phone while charging damages the battery, you can make use of it after the charging process.

It reduces the life span of the battery, and you will end up damaging the battery.