7-year-old Texas boy Troy Khoeler dead in a washing machine

Texas State Police received a report of a missing young man named Troy Khoeler on Thursday, July 28, 2022. Hours later, the young man’s body was found inside a top-load washing machine at his home.

Police have not yet determined whether Troy was murdered or the probable cause of the behavior. The investigation is still ongoing.

Troy Khoeler, 7, lives in Harris County, Texas, with his anonymous adoptive parents. The couple reportedly took him in in 2019.

He was reported missing at around 5:20 a.m. on July 28, 2022. Although no arrests have been made, the adoptive parents were questioned by police as per the usual procedure.

Detectives found the body at the home after speaking with the missing child’s adoptive parents, according to Lt. Robert Mincho of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office Homicide Squad.

“They then conducted a full investigation of the house based on what they saw. A seven-year-old boy was found dead in a washing machine in the garage.”

Police declined to comment if there was water in the washing machine or what caused Kohler’s death. There was no official statement on whether the death was unintentional or intentional. Authorities have not released any information about trauma or outward signs of wrongdoing.

He has a little Afro and was last seen wearing blue pants and a shirt.

Announced next week:

“We’re nowhere close to knowing if he was killed by the washing machine or if he was killed and put in the washing machine, I can’t comment. While we don’t know exactly what happened, we want to know.”

After police were called to their Texas home following a missing person report, 4th Precinct Sergeant Mark Herman used social media to tell others about the missing young man. He outlines Kohler’s situation:

“He has a little Afro and was last seen wearing a blue shirt and trousers.”

The toddler’s sudden death shocked the community and sparked debate over the secret of Troy Kohler’s death. A neighbor named Rudi Chupa said he often saw the seven-year-old playing in the area.

“It’s horrible, I mean, I don’t know how my great-grandson handled it. No one should experience it. Wow.”

On July 27, the nation was shocked when three children were brutally murdered by their own mothers in Connecticut. Police sources say Sonia Loha strangled her young child before taking her own life. Earlier this month, police found the bodies of three missing children and their mothers in Wadnes Lake, Minnesota. Ramsay County Sheriff Bob Fletcher believes the children’s drowning was intentional.

There is currently a surge in violence against young children, including the killing of Kohler. A criminal investigation is ongoing to determine the cause of his death.

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