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This Sunday night on 7News Spotlight Ross Coulthart asks, ‘Is the Pentagon keeping real evidence of UFOs a secret?’

Keeping secrets from citizens has become a byword for politics today – but hiding the existence of aliens and other life forms might just be the biggest scandal of all time.

On 17 May this year, the US Congress accused its own intelligence leadership at the Pentagon of doing just that, forcing the issue of UFOs out into the open and ordering a series of public hearings into a matter once considered the domain of only kooks and crackpots.

Now, in a brand new 7NEWS Spotlight investigation to air this Sunday, 8.30pm on Channel 7 and 7plus, reporter Ross Coulthart explores what those hearings uncovered and what the findings could mean for life here on earth.

In one of the most gripping programs of the year, Coulthart speaks to university professors and UAP (unidentified aerial phenomena) experts, who explain who was behind the disinformation campaign, deliberately designed to make believers look mad.

Coulthart’s last investigation has been watched by more than 10 million viewers (and counting) on YouTube since airing on 7NEWS Spotlight last year.

This time he sits down with Michio Kaku, an NYU professor and one of the fathers of theoretical physics, who argues the latest findings should set off a new wave of scientific and technological discovery.

Kaku ponders the big issues, including “one of the greatest questions facing the history of the human race: ‘what happens if we make an encounter’?”

He could ask Jim Marlin and Damien Nott, who share their abduction and UAP experiences in mind-boggling detail; while a serving congressman believes there has been a cover-up going right to the top.

8:30pm Sunday on Seven.

Secrets of the universe will be uncovered on @7NewsSpotlight – Sunday 7pm on @Channel7 and @7plus. https://t.co/6khCjROzLj #7NEWS pic.twitter.com/s0CMI1Zh1V

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