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8 Amazing Benefits of Eating Chicken Feet



Although Eating chicken feet may sounds unhygienic  to some but for Korean’s, Chinese, and Filipinos, they are a culinary delicacy. Even if you don’t regard chicken feet as a delicacy, you cannot ignore the fact that eating them offers many health benefits. They supply your body with calcium and other trace minerals, vitamins, and collagen.

Collagen is a structural protein, and it contributes to the integrity and function of multiple bodily systems. Collagen is what replaces dead skin cells and gives the skin its elasticity.

When chicken feet are included in a bone broth, the nutrients are slowly pulled from the bones and cartilage, forming a nutritious liquid.

Here are the benefits;

1.Healthy, younger-looking skin

Collagen maintains the elasticity of the skin so when collagen production declines, sagging, dryness and wrinkles are the results.

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In studies investigating the anti-aging properties of collagen, women aged 35- 55 using collagen once daily for eight weeks improved the elasticity of their skin, suffered less dryness, and their skin was smoother.

Collagen appears to be one of the most effective, natural skincare ingredients.

2.Stronger Bones

Your body continually reabsorbs old bone and creates new bone. Every ten years or so, your whole skeletal system gets replaced. Your bones remain strong and healthy when there is a balance between the old bone and the new bone being created.

As you grow older, the body reabsorbs calcium and phosphate from your bones, and they become more fragile.

3. Repairs joints’

Many elderly people look as though they find it painful to walk- this is often due to a lack of collagen which causes stiffness of joints.

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Studies show that collagen can reduce joint pain and inflammation and even promote healing in some degenerative conditions such as osteoarthritis. The amino acids contained in the collagen can play an essential role in the repair of cartilage in the joints.

4. Maintains healthy body weight

The collagen in chicken feet can help to maintain muscle mass and healthy body weight.

Collagen has an unusual amino acid profile that helps to suppress appetite. One clinical trial found that collagen was 40% more filling than the same amount of casein, soy, or whey.

5. Reduces inflammation

The gelatin in chicken feet has excellent anti-inflammatory qualities. It helps to balance the amino acid (building blocks of proteins) intake.

6. Improves blood circulation

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Blood circulation is an essential function in the body because it’s necessary for supplying all parts of the body with oxygen and nutrients. Poor circulation can be caused by various factors such as lack of exercise, sitting in one place for too long, smoking, and blood clots.

7. Accelerates healing of wounds

Collagen appears to play a vital role in all the phases of healing wounds, including helping to reduce the associated inflammation and pain. The proline in collagen is an essential compound when it comes to the healing of wounds.

8. Relieves anxiety and promotes sleep

Anxiety and lack of sleep are commonly experienced, and they can cause serious health problems.

Glycine helps with anxiety because it is an inhibitory neurotransmitter that supports the central nervous system.

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