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8 Ways to Become A Better Husband To Your Wife

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Being a good and responsible husband is one status every married man must strive to attain. The word “better” in this context does not connote perfection or lacking the capacity to make mistakes, it involves the whole idea of striving to be better in your dealings and also being the kind of man every lady would wish for as a partner. As a man who wants to be the kind of partner whose wife will be proud of and equally be addicted to, it then becomes important to adjust to certain lifestyles that will propel you as being that kind of man. See them below 1. Become a better listener. Don’t interrupt her even if she is wrong about something. Hear her out and let her know that you heard her by repeating back to her what she just said, including any feelings you pick up. By this, I don’t mean giving her back word for word. What I mean is getting the gist of what she saying and giving it back to her. A lot of women get very upset because they don’t believe that their husbands are really getting what they’re saying . When she is done sharing what her concern is, ask a few questions to clarify her feelings or the information that she is giving you. 2. Love her unselfishly. What were the things that you did to win her heart to begin with? Have you stopped doing those things? Do you know what her top love language is? Have both of you take the test to figure out what your top two love languages are, and then love her according to her top love language not yours. It makes a huge difference. 3. Don’t make your wife feel like she has to convince you she has a right to feel the way she does. Many women complain that their husbands don’t care about their feelings. Many men respond to a hurt, upset, or otherwise emotional wife by telling her that her feelings are ridiculous, hormonal, or otherwise invalid. They may even show annoyance or anger at her feelings. This is seen as a cold rejection and a lack of love. If you love your wife, seeing her suffering should be enough for you to want to comfort her. How would you like her to respond if the tables were turned? 4. Absolutely do not cheat, and don’t do anything to break the trust. If you have to hide it from your spouse, you probably shouldn’t be doing it. 5. Find out what things you do that make your spouse feel loved the most, and make sure to do it to them often. Don’t ever take your partner for granted. 6. Be someone your spouse can count on. If you promise to do something, do it. However, the both of you should divide the household roles, be reliable about keeping up your end. 7. Be your spouse’s friend. Make time and opportunity to have fun together as often as possible! 8. Be compassionate and patient when your spouse needs extra support from you and you end up picking up their slack. There are times in a marriage where spouses have to carry each other.


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