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WATCH: 8-Year-Old Boy Arrested For Stealing Chips Video Goes Viral On Social Media: Recently, an 8-year-old boy has arrested for stealing a bag of chips. Yes, you heard it right. A minor has stolen a bag of chips from his nearby convenience store. At first, the shop owner thinks he would buy a lot of chips packets because he was chilling with his friends and going on a trip. But when the owner knew that he was stealing it. He called the cops and the cops put him into the prison. This news has gone viral on the internet at a very fast rate. Many were covering him on every social media site. In this article, we gonna tell you briefly why did he commit this crime. And what’s the reason for this. Follow More Update On CmaTrends.com

8-Year-Old Boy Arrested For Stealing Chips

On Facebook, footage has been circulated on the internet that A police officer was trying to make the child sit in his car to steal the chips. But the child refused to sit in the car. And the officers forcefully put him in the car and took him to the police station. The video got 50,000 views with 1.6k comments. The comment section was with the kid’s side. A stranger who was recording the video at that time, says, you are doing wrong with the kid. If I was her mother then I definitely protect him. He is just a minor. You can leave him with saying a warning message. He knew his mistake. You don’t have to put him in jail for this small mistake.

8-Year-Old Boy Arrested For Stealing Chips Video

One officer replies to him If he breaks into your house and steals something then what?

You are treating him like a cold-blooded f***g killer. Jackson responded.

The way you treat him was unlawful. You can’t do that with anybody. Leave him alone.

The boy’s father, Anthony Weah told that he wants to file a complaint against those two officers. They didn’t treat them very well. Why would any police officer treat the child like that? You just arresting him for a $3 bag of chips. We only want one thing and that is to release him as quickly as possible. If you don’t release my son then, I’ll gonna takes this case to the court level. As of now, we have only this much information, if any update will come, then we probably gonna tell you. Until then follow this site.

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