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9 Ways To Use Banana Masks To Treat Hair Problems!


Do you have dry, frizzy hair that looks like a pile of straw? It’s a sign that your hair is lacking essential nutrients and moisture. One ingredient that can fight this problem and bring back lost hair shine is banana!

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This humble tropical fruit offers many benefits to our hair, from treating dryness to preventing hair loss, and applying banana hair masks to your hair regularly is a surefire way to flaunt a shiny mane! and strong that you will be proud of! In this article, we’re going to discuss how to make banana hair masks at home, along with a detailed list of the benefits.

Read on to please your hair with the delicious goodness of bananas. Banana Hair Mask Benefits So what’s so special about bananas that even brands like Body Shop are adding this fruit to their hair products?

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There are many reasons people go “crazy” with banana hair masks listed below:Bananas are high in silica, a mineral that is essential for healthy hair growth. Silica plays a key role in removing frizz, preventing hair from thinning, and strengthening curls.

It also gives her mane a shiny look. (1) The anti-inflammatory properties of bananas. Reduces itching, irritation, and visible flaking of the scalp due to infections such as dandruff. Banana acts as a deeply nourishing conditioner that repairs hair and reverses daily damage.9 Homemade Banana Masks for All Hair Problems Banana is a versatile hair care ingredient that works well alone or in combination with other actives such as honey, olive oil, etc.Depending on your hair type and problem, you can customize the recipes by adding the appropriate ingredients.

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Here are some of the best ways to make banana masks at home: Honey Banana Mask: HoneySave This banana mask for dry and frizzy hair uses honey as the second important ingredient, honey is an excellent one Moisturizer that helps bananas repair damaged hair. Main Ingredients:Ripe banana – 2 honey – 1 tablespoon Preparation and use Peel the bananas and mash them to form a smooth paste Add honey and mix well Now section the hair and spray with a little water Apply the mixture from the roots to the ends of the mask for 30 minutes Let it work in Rinse well with water and a mild detergent Banana coconut oil hair mask:Coconut oil works well with banana to treat dry and dehydrated hair.

Coconut oil has rich emollient properties that nourish the hair. It also forms a protective layer on the strands to prevent moisture loss. Adding bananas to coconut oil improves the shine and nature. Elasticity of your mane. Main ingredients: Ripe banana – 2 coconut oil – 2 tablespoons How is it prepared and used?Mash the ripe bananas with a fork, being careful not to create lumps. Add a little coconut oil and mix well.

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Apply this mixture to the hair. Starting from the roots to the tips, use a wide comb to distribute the product evenly. Let the 30-40 minute pack use a mild cleanser to rinse the hair. Banana Egg Hair Mask: Egg MaskThe banana egg mask works like a charm for damaged and brittle hair. Eggs are rich in many nutrients such as biotin, vitamin A, folic acid, etc., which strengthen the hair from the roots, and also contain growth-promoting peptides. natural hair. The egg yolk enhances the appearance of the hair and makes it shine! Main ingredients: Ripe banana – 2 eggs – 1 egg yolk How to prepare and use?

Take 2 bananas and mash them properly.Add 1 egg yolk and mix well Separate hair with tweezers Spray some water so that it is only damp Apply the mixture all over the hair, apply evenly to the scalp Cover the hair with a shower cap Leave the mask on for 1 hour Use cold water and soak in Cleaner for rinsing the product banana aloe vera hair mask: aloe veraThe banana-aloe-vera mask is ideal for dull and lifeless hair.

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Aloe Vera contains more than 90% water to keep your hair hydrated. In addition, it is rich in many vitamins like A, B, C, E and minerals like copper and zinc to support healthy hair growth. The anti-inflammatory properties of aloe vera reduce itching and inflammation on the scalp.

In combination with the banana, it acts as an intensive repair treatment for a smooth and shiny mane. Main ingredients: Ripe banana – 2 aloe vera – 2 tablespoons Preparation and use: Mash the ripe bananas and store themNow use a fresh aloe vera leaf to extract the white gel inside. You can also use a ready-to-use organic gel. Mix the two ingredients well. Now take small