Internet Praises Chiefs Fan After Fox News’ Jesse Watters Interviews 9-year-old Accused of Wearing ‘Racist Blackface’

In this article, we are going to talk about the latest news regarding the interview between Fox News host Jesse Waters and KC Chiefs fan Holden Armenta. This fan is only 9 years old and is accused of wearing ‘racist black face’, which is getting a lot of praise after the interview. These news are continuously trending on the internet and many people are showing interest in knowing more things related to this topic. Many controversies have arisen and a video has also been shared in which an interview between them is shown. Let us discuss this topic in detail and try to cover every single information, so read completely.According to reports, the topic started when Karen (Karen) J. A Deadspin writer named Phillips attempted to portray a nine-year-old white Chiefs fan as the face of racism. Interview between Fox News host and fan. Recently, Jesse chatted with a young Chiefs fan and his father, Bubba, on ‘Jesse Waters Primetime’ after the 9-year-old fan was accused of wearing ‘racist blackface’ during a game. There are many details left to share regarding this topic, so continue your reading to learn more.Internet Praises Chiefs Fan After Fox NewsFurthermore, a misleading photo was posted by Phillips that showed only one side of the young fan’s face, and that part was painted black in support of the Kansas City Chiefs. The author deleted the entire photo of Holden’s face, conveniently removing the red and half of the black part. He also wore an Indian headdress, which Karen Phillips used to strengthen her claim that the boy adopted racist values ​​rooted in values ​​that differed from liberal principles. Waters also shared her conversation with Holden and his father Bubba on a Twitter post and how the two reacted to the incident. Swipe up on this article and keep reading.The news related to this topic is spreading like wildfire and is gaining a lot of headlines. According to sources, the interview between them is available to watch on YouTube. Many social media users are supporting the fan and showing their love towards him. It can be said that the internet supports the fan accused of ‘blackface’ at the Chiefs game and is receiving good feedback from fans. We have mentioned all the available details above in this article and we will update you if we get any more information. Stay connected to to read articles on exciting news topics.






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