Couple, 2-yr-old Daughter Killed in Road Accident, Caught on Camera

Good day, Today a news has come stating that a couple and their 2-year-old daughter succumb to a tragic accident. Stay with this article to find out more about this news. In Hisar, a tragic collision between a car and a motorcycle on the Sarsana-Balsamand road claimed the lives of a couple and their two-year-old daughter on Saturday afternoon. Fortunately, their four-month-old daughter narrowly escaped harm. Upon receiving the information, the police promptly arrived at the scene and took custody of the bodies.The couple, identified as Satyawan and Rekha, along with their two-year-old daughter, Somya, residents of Sarsana village in Hisar, were returning home after a visit to the doctor. Satyawan worked as a laborer. As the four were heading home on a motorcycle, a speeding car collided with the two-wheeler. In the ensuing accident, Satyavan, Somya, and Rekha were thrown onto the road, while the four-month-old girl landed in a heap of mud, ultimately saving her life.SarsanaCouple, 2-yr-old Daughter Killed in Road AccidentSatyavan and Somya lost their lives instantly. Bystanders rushed the injured Rekha to a private hospital, where she succumbed to her injuries during treatment. Notably, Satyavan’s son, Saurav, attends a government school and was not on the motorcycle with his father as he went to school on Saturday. Haryana, which was ranked 14th among states with the highest number of accidents, saw a slight decrease from its 13th position the previous year. The report highlighted that rural areas experienced a higher incidence of accidents compared to urban areas, with a fatality rate of 5.7. In contrast, neighboring Punjab reported a rate of 4.2, while Delhi’s rate was notably lower at 1.2. The fatality rate is calculated based on the number of road accident fatalities per 10,000 vehicles. According to the data, Haryana recorded 11,238 accidents in 2018, 10,944 in 2019, 9,431 in 2020, 9,933 in 2021, and 10,429 accidents in 2022. Regarding fatalities, Haryana reported 5,118 in 2018, 5,057 in 2019, 4,507 in 2020, 4,706 in 2021, and 4,915 in 2022.Anurag Kulshreshtha, the founder president of TRAX, a road safety NGO, attributed the increase in accidents in Haryana to the rapid development of expressways and highways. These thoroughfares experience high-speed traffic, resulting in accidents. Kulshreshtha emphasized the need for major redesigning of entry/exits on expressways. He pointed to the Sirhaul toll plaza in Gurugram as an example of faulty design, where traffic from four lanes converges onto 18 lanes before narrowing down again to four lanes, causing significant congestion and jams.






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