What Happened to Anthony Edwards? Timberwolves Announce Anthony Edwards Injury Update

Anthony Edwards is a very well-known and talented basketball player. Anthony Edwards is also known by his nickname as “Ant-Man” or “Ant”. He is a very well-known American personality who created significant players in people’s hearts through his performance. Currently, his name is on the top of the social media headlines and catching a lot of attention from the viewers. The fans are wondering what happened to Anthony Edwards. The people are showing interest to know about his recent injury update. This article will help you to learn about Anthony Edwards’s recent viral news. Let’s discuss this in detail.As per the sources, Anthony Edwards’s absence has created a huge void in the game. He is an American professional basketball player for the Minnesota Timberwolves of the National Basketball Association. According to the reports, the 22-year-old American player Anthony Edwards is currently battling with a hip injury. The current NBA is going to face the Memphis Grizzlies in which Anthony Edwards is also involved. Further, Anthony Edwards took a break from the game in which he was going to play against the Memphis Grizzlies. The player is recovering from a hip injury. More information is mentioned in the next section.What Happened to Anthony Edwards?This is causing huge concerns about his recent health. The American player Anthony Edwards was also absent from the two recent matches due to a hip injury. Anthony Edwards’s return date update is unknown. The basketball community is facing new challenges due to his hip injury. The absence of Anthony Edwards has raised many questions regarding his return to the field. It is unknown about his presence in the New Orleans Pelicans. The fans are hoping for his fast and safe recovery. As we earlier mentioned due to the hip injury, the American player Anthony Edwards left the game. Scroll down the page.Further, the Timberwolves are giving an excellent performance without Anthony Edwards. The Timberwolves are playing with an 18-point lead in the 3rd quarter. There is no update about his presence in the next game. Let’s take a little look at his profile. The American player Anthony Edwards was born on August 5, 2001, and currently, he is 22 years old. Completed his higher education at Holy Spirit Preparatory School which is located in Atlanta. He performed as the Shooting guard in the basketball game. He is a shiting talented rising player. Keep following Dekh News for more viral news.






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