Udaariyaan 20 April 2022 Written Update: Upcoming Twist

udaariyaan 20 april 2022

Udaariyaan 20 April 2022 Written Update: Upcoming Twist Fateh Saying I Don’t Want To Meet Tejo, I Want To Go Away From Her Life, I Ought to Settle for This. Gurpreet Says Possibly This Is Higher For You That You Overlook Tejo. He Cries. Tejo Cries And Prays To Get Energy, To Forget Every little thing, And Move On In Life. Rupy Sees The Kundali And Retains It Again. He Holds His Chest. Satti Asks Are You Fine. He Says I Recalled That Pandit’s Phrases, Fateh Had Come Once more With That Man. Satti Says As soon as Tejo And Angad Get Married, Fateh Will Go away. Rupy Says I Really feel Scared, Don’t Know Why.

Tejo And Fateh Walk-In Some Procession And Recall Every Different. Fateh Prays To Get the Strength To Go Away From Tejo. He Prays For Her Happiness. She Thinks Why Is My Heart So Stressed. He Prays To Get A Probability To Say Bye To Her For The Final Time. He Walks Forward And Sees Tejo Beside Him. He Cries And Says I Wished To See You Earlier than Going, Don’t Know If We Meet Once more Or Not. She Looks At Him. He Thinks I M Going Away From You. She Says I Have Seen Your Love And Hatred Additionally, Let Me Live In Peace, Get Away From My Life. Saath Na…..Performs… She Runs Away Crying. He Leaves.

Udaariyaan 20 April 2022 Written Episode Update

Gurpreet Says I M With Fateh’s Resolution. Khushbeer Says We Couldn’t Find Out Who Did This. Gurpreet Says Tejo Misplaced Every little thing. He Says Fact Should Come Out, Tejo Should Know That Fateh Can’t Do This, I Have To Punish That Low-cost Individual Who Insulted Tejo. He Will get Inspector’s Call And Goes. Simran Says How Will Fateh Live Without Tejo, She Is His Every little thing. Mahi Says Tejo’s Rasams Would Have Began. Tejo And Angad’s Haldi Rasam Starts. Jasmin Thinks Fateh Isn’t Answering Calls, Why.

Satti Goes To Tejo. She Asks Her To Say The Fact, Is She Completely satisfied. Tejo Nods. Satti Says You Are Going To Start A New Life With Angad, Go away Fateh’s Good And Bad Reminiscences Right here. Tejo Says No matter what Fateh Has Done With Me, I Can Simply Hate Him. Fateh Writes A Letter For Tejo… I Know You Will Hate Me For The Mistake I Didn’t Do, I Have Opened Up My Feelings In This Letter, I Will At all times Pray For Your Happiness. He Thinks To Make The Letter Attain Tejo One way or the other. Tejo Says I Promise, I Will Hold The New Relation With Honesty And Sincerity. Rupy Hears This And Says My Burden Got Relieved Now, You Are My Good Destiny, You Have At all times Taken My Command As Your Responsibility, I M Afraid That You Are Sacrificing Your Happiness For My Sake, I Did This To See You Completely satisfied. Satti And Rupy Hug Tejo.

Tejo Sits For The Chuda Rasam. Jasmin Goes To Attend A Call. Satti Says Your Mama And Mami Couldn’t Come, They Have Sent A Chuda For You And Additionally Their Blessings. Tejo Recollects Fateh’s Phrases. Jasmin Talks To Amrik. She Says We Will Discover Some Answers, Ask Him To Speak To Me. Satti Calls Her. She Asks Jasmin To Take Tejo.

Fateh Calls Jasmin. Jasmin Says It’s My Friend’s Name, I Will Simply Come. Jasmin Answers The Name. Fateh Says I Need To Meet You. Jasmin Asks What Happened Fateh, Why Aren’t You Answering My Calls. Tejo Hears This And Thinks Jasmin Is Nonetheless Talking To Fateh. She Goes. Jasmin Sees Angad And Begins Mendacity. Angad Indicators I M Watching You. She Goes. Simran Asks Khushbeer To Do One thing, Fateh Will Die Without Tejo. Khushbeer Says Its Tejo’s Resolution, Simply Fateh Can Change It. Fateh Comes. Gurpreet Asks Where Are You Going, You Didn’t Have Any Meals, Have Some Juice. He Retains His Cellphone There. He Recalls Tejo. Mahi Asks Fateh To Attempt Once more. Fateh Says I Have Thought Of It, I M Going Out Of Moga For Some Days. He Takes The Other Cellphone And Leaves.

Mahi Says We Are Facing This As a result of Of Jasmin. Amrik Takes Fateh’s Cellphone And Goes. Fateh Solutions A Name. The Man Says Amrik. Fateh Says It Me, Fateh. The Man Says It Amrik’s Cellphone. Fateh Says Sorry, I Got This By Mistake. Amrik Messages Jasmin…. I Love You A Lot, I Know You Are Altering, I Will At all times Love You, I Promise, I Gained’t Let Anybody Become A Hurdle Between Us, I Need To Be With You, I Love You. He Smiles. He Retains The Phone There And Goes To Washroom. Fateh Comes And Will get His Cellphone. He Retains Amrik’s Cellphone There And Leaves. Jasmin Places Her Phone On Charging. Tejo Thinks What Is Jasmin Doing. Khushbeer Say I Can’t Imagine That Tejo Will Go Away From Us. Gurpreet Says I Bear in mind The Day When She Got here Right here As Our Bahu And Gained Our Heart, She At all times Revered And Loved Us. He Says We Elders Additionally Don’t Know The Worth Of Relations, She Is Going To Marry On Rupy’s Saying, I Couldn’t Show My Son Harmless. Biji Says One Shouldn’t Lose. Mahi Says We Can Try And Cease The Marriage. He Says They did Gained’t Agree. Gurpreet Says However We Can Attempt.

Jasmin Meets Fateh. She Asks How Can You Assume Of This. Fateh Says I M Going Away, I Simply Need Tejo To Keep Happy, Give This Letter To Tejo After Her Marriage Happens, I M Not Asking Her For Any Probability However Making My Coronary heart Mild, I M Telling Her That I Didn’t Wreck Her Respect, I Need Her To Begin A New Life Happily. Tejo Hears Jasmin And Seems to be Outside. She Sees Fateh And Jasmin. She Recalls Their Previous.






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