How a beautiful Nigerian lady fell in love with a crippled man

A 28 years old Nigerian lady from Calabar in Cross Rivers State fell in love with a cripple after helping the cripple wholeheartedly for 6 years.

According to the lady she met the crippled guy in a bus/stop and they both boarded a vehicle to Port Harcourt, but along the journey she discoverd that the crippled man is highly intelligent and need to be assisted.

She personally engaged him about his level of education and how he manage to cope with the prevailing economic situation .He replied with a smile and said he has been managing to go to the university through thick and thin with the grace of God.

The moment she heard this from him she fell in love with the crippled man internally. They exchanged pleasantries and addresses of each other. This was how she decided to help him with every necessary assistant. However, trouble started when she introduced the cripple to her parents after his graduation. Her parents were both against the idea of getting married to him.

She persuaded them with all necessary information, but they refused to accept him as her husband. She went to pastors and prophets for prayer and they severally prophesied that the cripple is her Mr right.but none of the pastor’s could able to influence her parents to enable her married to the man.

When all hopes were lost , she met a man and explained this to him who eventually introduced her to Dr Edward Solution temple, phone +234808 802 3229. The Spiritualist gave her some Spiritual items to buy from the market which she did within few minutes. The Spiritualist used the materials to prepare a bucket of water for her to bath and ordered her to go and engage her parents for proper discussion. She went back home and actually discussed with the parents extensively and surprisingly they agreed with her for the marrige.

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Now they are happily married with children and God blessed her husband with a lucrative job in the oil company regardless of his disability.

In case you have love for a man regardless of his or her social stratification. Render whatever help you can to the person because you never can tell what the future have in stock for you.

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