Exposed: Read the bizarre story of a woman who uses salt for money ritual

Wonders they say cannot end and only a man who lives long that has a lots of stories to tell.

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A 38 year old woman from Enugu state who is residence in Amuwo Odofin area in Lagos consciously and wittingly narrated how she makes multiple profit by soaking money with salt. The woman who was said to have a retail outlet within her vicinity made this known to the public without any iota of shame.

According to her ,she has been battling with a financial problem long ago and she took some steps to make money Spiritually, but all efforts were crowned in vain. She decided to establish a petty business to put body and soul together.

She continue to manage the business with a little profit for survival until a woman from Ogun state introduced her to Dr Edward Solution temple, phone +234808 802 3229.
She said her introduction to Dr Edward Solution temple opened her to a new phase of her life. The Spiritualist asked her to buy 3 pigeons which he used to attract multiple profit. Whatever sales proceeds of her business for the day will be soaked in side salt and it became double at the end of the day.

The wretched woman gradually change to a big business woman owing to the practice of soaking money into salt over night. She made this shocking revelation during an interactive session of association of small scale businesses and how they can thrive in economic depression.

According to her the money spell has no adverse effect , but a pure Spiritual way of attracting multiple profit in sales. She decided to open up as some of the market women accused her of money ritual. She reiterated that those who want to succeed in their life pursuit must take extra measure to guide themselves not to fall prey to enemies of progress. The benefit of soaking money in side salt prevent enemies from attacking her business.

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The woman further said life without failure in the past is life without experience. In order to gain more insight and knowledge. You must take some appropriate measure of risk to make it meaningful.

In case you are doubting how i multiply my profit. You may contact Dr Edward Solution temple to lift up your business without splitting blood of innocent people.






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