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The Chase ‘Governess’ Anne Hegerty is keen to try her hand at comedy, aligned as a ‘weary housekeeper’ in a new UK comedy in development.

Gammon has been created by Adam Bostock-Smith who has spent 10 years writing putdowns for The Weakest Link plus gags for Would I Lie To You? and Never Mind The Buzzcocks.

“Being on The Chase is the best job I’ve ever had but I’d love to do a bit of acting,” Hegerty said.

“I would like to be funny. Our writer Adam has written a sitcom called Gammon about these two dim brothers who live together. I’m the housekeeper and I’m the only sane person in the place.

“We don’t know what channel it will be on yet, but there is a full script for the pilot episode and an outline for the first six episodes.”

Source: Sunday Mirror

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