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A Mom Thinks She’s Having Twins, Then Doctor Spots Something Incredible



Lauren Perkins has always dreamed of becoming a mom. After spending a tough year attempting and failing to fall pregnant, the concept of fertility treatment didn’t seem so frightening anymore.

She and her husband, David, decided to take a holiday to Nicaragua to consider their next step.

Then they decided to attempt out artificial insemination; the most effective technique of assisted fertilisation.

Lauren was convinced that it wouldn’t work; that she was destined to be barren… however it did! Lauren eventually became pregnant.

In the first routine check, Lauren was informed by nurses that her hcg levels were very high.

That meant there was a strong possibility there was more than one baby developing inside of her.

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Lauren and her husband were extremely joyful on the idea they may have twins, or maybe triplets! They had struggled for so long to have a baby that the concept of having more than one was too desirable to be true.

Then the ultrasound came. A staggered medical doctor studied the display screen for some seconds and added the shocking news.

The medical doctor quietly told her: “I count five in there.”

Lauren thought this was impossible.

The medical doctor turned back to the screen and then continued: “Wait a minute! I just discovered a sixth baby.”

The confused couple stared at the display screen in whole shock. Six!

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Lauren and David were then faced with a hard decision; either they might reduce the amount of children, or keep them all.

The chances that every one six babies would survive the pregnancy were low. To have six at the same time brings on a number of risky complications.

After much deliberation, Lauren and David eventually decided to give all six a fighting chance.

The health center went through with a powerful attempt to avoid complications related to the birth.

Monday morning, the day arrived. Lauren was in week 30 of her being pregnant – children born before the 37th week are considered premature.

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A total of 35 people from the health center gathered in the delivery room.

As the birth got underway, the medical doctor needed the assist of six nurses standing by to get hold of each baby as it came into the world.

Andrew, Benjamin, Caroline, Leah, Allison and Levi all weighed between 1 and a couple of pounds at birth.

Fortunately, all six recovered… slowly but surely!

After many extreme weeks of affection and care from the team of workers in the neonatal facility, the family were able to hold all of their angels.

Five of the babies were able to go home at 4-months-old.