A video of a fisherman allegedly cheating has the fishing industry in uproar.

fisherman cheating video goes viral 

Two fishermen were eliminated from a fishing competition in Cleveland on Friday when the judges discovered their deception. 

The winning walleye fish caught by professional anglers Jake Runyan and Chase Cominsky was found to have weights and fillets inside of it. 

The five fish that Jason Fischer, the director of the Lake Erie Walleye Trail, estimated to weigh no more than four pounds apiece ended up weighing a whopping 34 pounds, raising suspicions of foul play. 

Hook, line, and sinkers: Alleged cheating scandal rocks pro-fishing community

The two-person team competing in the Lake Erie Walleye Trail competition was about to take home over $30,000 when Jason Fischer, the tournament’s director, claimed to have a fishy scent. Jacob Runyan and Chase Cominsky, the allegedly dishonest contestants, weighed in their five walleyes at a total of 34 pounds, even though each fish typically weighs closer to 4 pounds, making for an expected total catch of about 20 pounds. 

When Fischer opened the guts of one fish, he discovered lead balls and an extra walleye fillet that had evidently been shoved down the animal’s throat. 

In the video, which has since gone viral, another voice can be heard saying, “He needs to be arrested, he needs to be prosecuted!” in reference to the participants. 

“Cking cops!” was screamed by a third person. 

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