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A woman wearing a concealed carrier shoots a gunman in the head after he tries to get into her vehicle on Chicago’s South Side


A girl who was hiding shot a gunman in the head after trying to get into her car on Chicago’s South Side early Wednesday morning. Reported by WFLD-TV.

what’s the point

The 23-year-old woman was in her parked car in the 1300 block of East 89th Road near Calumet Heights around 2 a.m. when four men got out of a black sedan and one of them tried to get into her car. The pistol was on the stand.

The girl then shot the gunman in the head, causing the gunman to leave the car, police told WFLD.

Police at the station said one of the men who was with him started chasing the woman and punched her in the arm.

What happened next?

Police added to WFLD that paramedics took the gunman who was shot to the Cardiac Institute of Medicine in Chicago, where he was listed as a critical condition.

The girl was taken to Trinity Hospital, where she is doing well, according to the ward.

Three other suspects, including detectives, who fled the scene and are not in custody, WFLD reported.

Another factor?

While the girl did not escape unscathed from the incident, it could have been much worse had she not exercised her secondary amendment rights.

In a metropolis infested with crooks wielding illegal weapons, it’s also rather rare that Chicago’s covert operators have had considerable success in protecting themselves and others from the worst-case scenario. Here’s a pattern for the 12 months:

  • In September, a gunman outside a Chicago house opened fire on partygoers, shooting a 13-year-old boy in the head, but the victim’s 21-year-old cousin, a man with a concealed carry permit, — drew his gun, then fired another shot at the door. The gunman fled.
  • Also in September, a gunman shot and killed a 13-year-old boy in Chicago after he allegedly broke into the undercover provider’s car.
  • In July, a girl with a concealed-carry license shot and killed a group of men who held weapons at her in Chicago as they tried to steal her car — a 13-year-old was shot dead along with the would-be thieves.
  • In February, a man with a knife approached an undercover porter in a Chicago alley, shooting him in the leg. Police eventually used a Taser on the suspect and arrested him.

Girl with concealed supplier shoots gunman in the head after girl tries to get into her car on Chicago’s South Side


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