Ab Pool video Goes Viral o Twitter, Reddit, and Youtube, ANTONIO BROWN

Antonio brown Pool video

Ab Pool video Goes Viral o Twitter, Reddit, and Youtube, ANTONIO BROWN This infamous unsigned NFL bad boy could get in trouble for using his hands and butt improperly.

Wide-eyed tourists were shocked to see embattled All-Pro receiver Antonio Brown shove his bare buttocks into the face of a woman in a fancy Dubai hotel’s outdoor pool, then raise his manhood out of the water and whip it in her direction.

Ab Pool video

The woman originally laughed off the attention but soon swam away to escape the controversial gridiron great in video footage of the May 14 incident at the Armani Hotel Dubai that was obtained by The Post.

According to eyewitnesses, the woman had just met Brown, who has a history of off-field misdemeanors that have landed him in legal and league hot water. He is currently a free agent after abruptly leaving the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the middle of a season last year.

Ab Pool video Viral on Twitter

In one video, Brown and the woman are cuddled at the edge of the pool. Brown appears to be nude save for the gold chains around his neck.

Then, lifting himself twice out of the water while shoving his butt in the woman’s face, he places both hands on the pool deck.

Other guys in the pool start egging on Brown and shouting “Yeah!” “Another one!” and “AB!” as she turns away, laughing at the apparent neutral zone transgressions.

When he attempts to tie a head scarf around the woman’s head in the second video, Brown seems to frighten her. She is able to remove the scarf that he allegedly stole from another swimmer, according to witnesses.

The horrific footage then shows Brown lifting the woman and throwing her head-first into the water like he was spiking a football.

The woman emerges from the water, dabs her eyes, and swims to Brown’s opposite side of the pool.

“He’s waterboarding her,” a man quips. One person quips mockingly, “He’s giving her the longboard!”

Brown then leans over the edge of the pool, grabs his penis, and jerks it out of the water toward the woman. This causes another man who is sitting poolside to shout, “Oh my God!”

After the tape finished, according to two witnesses who spoke to The Washington Post, Brown repeatedly exposed his privates, asking the woman angrily, “You want it?”

Ab Pool video Viral on Reddit

According to the sources, the woman was seen ranting and talking about the incident to others within the hotel after she showed signs of being significantly agitated.

A hotel representative declined to respond and would not disclose the woman’s identity.

According to a hotel employee who begged to remain anonymous, Brown was asked to leave the establishment soon after the incident. The insider claimed that the hotel had previously received complaints about Brown’s actions from other visitors.

According to the allegations, Brown disobeyed the dress code for the United Arab Emirates by flashing his bare breast to hotel visitors and smoking marijuana in his room, which would be against the law in the nation.

In order to watch his friend, former boxing champion Floyd Mayweather Jr., compete in an exhibition match in Abu Dhabi and provide a performance as the boxer entered the ring, Brown, an aspiring rapper, traveled to the United Arab Emirates.

In the middle of a game with the Jets that the Buccaneers eventually pulled out in the waning seconds, the seven-time Pro Bowler shocked the NFL world by deserting Tom Brady and the rest of the team. At the time, the Buccaneers were the league’s defending champions.

After what appears to have been a debate with the coaching staff about whether he was fit enough to play, Brown tore off portions of his clothing at MetLife Stadium before sprinting shirtless through the end zone to the locker room.

Days later, the team said it offered to seek Brown mental health help, but he turned it down.

In his erratic career, he has been suspended for the first eight games of the 2020 campaign for transgressing the NFL’s code of conduct. After Britney Taylor, a former female trainer, filed a complaint, alleging Brown sexually abused her, the decision was made. Without disclosing the details of the settlement, the civil lawsuit was resolved in 2021.

In 2020, Brown was charged with assaulting the driver of a moving truck that brought some of his belongings from California, and he entered a not-guilty plea to burglary and battery charges in Florida. He was sentenced to a two-year probationary period during which he had to enroll in anger management classes.

Brown started his NFL career in 2010 with the Pittsburgh Steelers, where he spent nine seasons and was among the league’s most prolific and productive wide receivers. In 2019, he was traded to the Oakland Raiders, but due to a string of off-field problems, he was dismissed before ever taking the field.

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