Actor From Tomorrowland Kal David’s Passes Away At 79

Famous musician Carl David recently passed away. When he passed away suddenly at the age of 79, many of his well-wishers were devastated.

The blues guitarist and musician reportedly died at his Palm Springs residence in the early hours of Tuesday, August 16, 2022.

David’s wife Lauri Bono took to Facebook to express her desire for everyone to know that he loves everyone, and even thanked his followers for loving him.

It goes without saying that a considerable number of people were saddened to hear of his unexpected death and are now expressing their grief publicly. Tomorrowland’s voice actor is reportedly suffering from pneumonia.

Actor From Tomorrowland Kal David’s Passes Away At 79 Kal David 300x300

Carl David died of pneumonia Tuesday at his home in Palm Springs, according to sources. As already established, he is a well-known blues guitarist and entertainer. During his 50-year career, he has performed in Europe and the continental United States.

However, David eventually decided to move to Palm Springs, where he also died. Let’s not forget to mention that in 1998 David and his wife opened the “Blue Guitar” club in the heart of Palm Springs. The couple ran the club as owners and performers for nearly six years. The musician has recently performed seasonal performances at other nearby venues, such as Vicky’s in Santa Fe in Indian Wells.

Born on June 15, 1943, in Illinois, New York, the musician captured the hearts of many throughout his career. That’s why many people are saddened by his passing. Kal’s fans expressed their grief over the passing of their beloved performers on their respective social media platforms.

He is also known for his work for Columbia Records in the early 1970s. Although his real name is Ruskin, he allegedly gained fame by the stage name “Kal David”.

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