Actress Hilda Bernard Floricienta dead, Argentina’s most beloved “villain”

The Argentine Actors Union reported this Wednesday that the famous actress Hilda Bernard had died at the age of 101. The woman has been recognized for playing the villains in hits like “Chiquititas”, “Floricenta” or “Rebelde Way”.

The Argentine actress Hilda Bernard passed away definitively at the age of 101 this Wednesday, confirmed the Argentine Actors Union in a statement.

The artist, who stood out in cinema, theater, television and radio, became an important reference for the Argentine public and has successfully participated in dozens of soap operas.

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“It is with great sadness that we bid farewell to actress Hilda Bernard, one of the most important performers in our country. She is our oldest subsidiary, registered in 1942 with number 26. She is 101 years old, ”said the entity in its network.

In turn, he added: “Our condolences go to their families and loved ones to accompany them in this sad moment.”

Hilda has had a ton of theatrical productions and has appeared in titles like Martin Fierro, They Killed the Taxi Driver, Happy Holidays, León, Late Hour, Anniversary Concert, The Last Encounter, After Death, etc.

In the cinema, she is not far behind, since she appears in Bad Guy, Lost Body, Come With Me, Drive-in mon amour, Claim, Bed Inside, Rebelde Way, Movies like Jennifer’s stand out as the shadow of the ” villain”. among others.

Although a new generation knows her for her role in “Chiquititas”, she played Carmen Morán, the strict caretaker of the Rincón de Luz house from 1995 to 1997.

In addition, she has also appeared in “Italian Girl Is Getting Married”, “Antonella”, “Love a Woman’s Face”, “Rosa in the Distance”, “Florisenta”, “Rebel Road”, Celeste” and “Pobre Clara”.

In 2020, Hilda contracted the coronavirus, but she managed to overcome the disease, because her thirst and dynamism of life was another of her hallmarks.

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